posted 2/8/18

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Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Your daughters and sons have been very busy! We started off the school year with a few community based fundraisers — Kids’ night out with over 60 kids, the fall car wash and the Christmas tree removal event (over 80 trees).  Not only did we raise a lot of money for our class but the kids had a blast participating in all these events.  Our Bertucci’s fundraiser day was a success as well as our holiday candy grams.  The largest fundraiser of the year was the sale of our winter hats, we sold over 150! We ended the calendar year with donations of toys and gift cards to Dana Farber.  A big thank you to everyone that was involved.  We are so thankful for your continued support.  

Going forward, the class officers will be selling Valentine’s Day Candy Grams during lunch block.  Please encourage your student to purchase a card for $2.00/each to support a charity near and dear to our hearts, the Build the Faith Organization.

Our largest event of the year is right around the corner.  The Junior Prom will take a lot of effort from the students as well as the parents. We had our first prom committee meeting yesterday.  If your daughter or son is interested in the committee it is not too late to join the team.  Information will be distributed within the next month regarding details, ticket purchases, out of district guests, tuxes, flowers, etc. We are currently looking for a couple of volunteers to help organize the Prom Opportunity Draw baskets.  The opportunity drawing will take place during the evening of the prom.  Not only is the drawing a good fundraiser for our class but it also encourages the students to stay at the prom since the winners will not be announced until the end of the evening.  If you are interested in helping create approximately 10 themed baskets with items and gift cards please let us know. We will be asking all the families of the class for donations.  

In addition, our community based activities in the spring will be our involvement with Putting for Patients to benefit Dana Farber which will be held on Saturday, April 7th from 12-4.  Our class will contribute by holding a car wash on the day of the event; all proceeds will go to Dana Farber.  Please encourage your Juniors to participate!  

As always, if you have questions, please let us know

Best Susan, Cristen and Michelle 

posted 10/23/17

carwash2019The Junior Class  hosted a car wash fundraiser at the First Parish Church in Weston on Saturday, October 21st from 9:00am – 12:00pm. Thank you to all the students and parents that supported us!


Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2019

Welcome back!!  We hope you and your family have adjusted well to the start of the school year.  After meeting with the class officers this week, we thought it would be a good idea to mention some activities that we have scheduled for this year.  Most important is our Junior Prom.  Please note, the date in the PTO calendar is incorrect.  The date of the Junior Prom is May 12th from 7:00 – 11:00pm at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Please note that in your calendars.

This fall/winter we will have two community fundraising events.  Since the car wash was a huge success during Spring Fling, we are trying to schedule one within the next couple of weeks – we will let you know the date as soon as possible.  In addition, we are going to host another “kids’ night out” at the Woodland School in November.  Please get your kids involved — it’s a great way to build school spirit and to be engaged in the community.

And last but certainly not least, please welcome our new teacher advisor for the Class of 2019, Jeffrey Dias.  Jeffrey and Thea will be a tremendous help to us in the next two years.  If you see them in the halls, please say hello and thank them for their support.

As always, please feel free to call us with any questions. Best, Susan, Cristen and Michelle    

Upcoming Events for Class of 2019

Click to download Mr. Parkers presentation to the junior class.



Vice President:
Student Advisory Council Rep:
Student Council Representatives:
Whitney Sins

Kelly Kirk
Christina Costa
Arda Cataltepe
Jeffrey Beaudoin
Faculty Advisors:
Jeff Dias

Thea Ruggiano

Parent Advisors:
Susan Garafolo

Cristen Tabors

Michelle Nickerson

High School PTO:  Chair: Amanda White

First Quarter Minutes

September 13, 2017
-Selling long sleeves at football game ($20) and selling at lunch tomorrow
-winter hats (starting with 100)
-thinking of doing another car wash (one Saturday before Pumpkin Fest), near Bus Barn fields (where youth sports games are)
-Kid’s Night Out week after Thanksgiving
-Prom theme?? asking around class

9/20/17- Prom themes? 

– Budget for prom?
– Shirts will be sold on Friday at football game
– Hats will be here soon
– Kid’s Night out (Nov. 17?)
– Get more volunteers
– Grades 1-3, sign up earlier
– Mentioned at class meetings
– CPK fundraiser for our class/Dana Farber (October)
– Car wash outside HS or at St. Julia’s Church (Sept. 1st)
– Christmas tree pick-up

September 27,2017

-Car Wash this Saturday at First Parish Church
– 9am-12pm
– Volunteers have to get there at 8:30
– All proceeds go to Class of 2019
– $15 for a carwash
– Prom theme contest
– Winner gets a $25 gift card
– Kid’s Night Out (11/17), $30 for one, $40 for two siblings
– NEED more volunteers this time around
– Hats, Blankets, Umbrellas, chairs (3 items to sell this fall)
– CPK fundraiser (soon)

October 4, 2017

-Car Wash postponed to Oct. 21
– Kids Night Out 11/17
– New hats and winter gear in November
– CPK fundraiser (dates TBD)
– Budget for Prom
– Gaming tables at prom (2 tables after first hour)

October 11,2017

-Prom themes on Facebook- Students must vote for their favorite and winning prom theme idea gets a Linden giftcard
-Kids Night Out flyers out now ($25 for one kid, $10 extra for sibling/signing up late)
-Need as many volunteers as possible
-Online store on Monday with all our new gear
-Class breakfast on 10/27
-Car Wash on 10/21 at First Parish Church (money goes to our class)

October 13, 2017

Car Wash on 21st

– get new form from Betsy

– volunteers must arrive at 8:30 and carwash ends at 12

– All proceeds go to our class/pro

Kid’s Night Out (November 17th)

– 6-9pm

– Money goes to our class/prom

– Officers can pick up snacks and pizzas

– Start advertising November 1st (online sign-up required)

– Put posters up around elementary school and high school

– NEED volunteers

– Pre-registration deadline

            – $25 online, more if you show up at door

Class breakfast on October 27th

– Officers will pick up food (muchkins at Dunkin, Pastries and food, grapes from   Brothers)


– May 12, 2018

– 7-11pm

– Photo Booth (digital photos)

– Prom committees (entertainment, advertising, food, decoration, opportunity basket)

– Red carpet when you first walk in, wait in line for pictures (like Met Gala)

– Go into ballroom with all stars (like Under the Stars)

– Combining both themes

– Considered “Winter Wonderland” according to

– Official prom theme/name:


– Estimated to be $50,000

– With fundraisers and events from our class, we should be fine

October 21, 2017

Car Wash 10/21 from 8:30-9:30

– Just selling hats this winter at football games and other sporting events

– prom theme: mixture of Met Gala and Under the Stars (name tbd)

– class breakfast 10/27, officers get food (goes from 7:00-7:30am)

October 25, 2017

Set up meeting for Seaport
Food tasting for Prom
$920 made at carwash
Photobooth and Red Carpet in one
Linden Giftcards for prom theme winners
Talk to parents about prom design ideas

November 1,2017

-Kids Night Out flyers

-November 17 6:30pm 

-Sign up online encouraged

-Flyers go out to elementary schools on Friday 

-Hats (100 already made)

-Merchandise already sent to parents and will be posted in class Facebook group

-Visiting Seaport to check out prom venue after the holidays 

-Putting For Patients in Spring- talk to Dana Farber Club 

Second Quarter Minutes


– Thank you notes to Ms. Chartier 

– Thank you notes to Manny the Janitor

– Lots of money made from KIds Night Out 

– Prom photo booth 

– Selling hats at Thxgiving football 

– Candy grams for holidays 

– Putting for Patients


– We have 40 hats left!! $20 each

– Selling hats at HS Band Concert on December 3rd and possibly others 

– Sell at first Friday night basketball game 

– Start talking about prom in January 

– Candy Grams $2

– Calling Dana Farber for “Mitten Tree” 


Selling hats- tonight and tomorrow at band concerts (both HS and MS)

Mitten Tree for Dana Farber starting on Dec. 13

Candy Grams- starting December 13

Bertucci’s fundraiser- December 21


– Christmas Tree pickup 10-12 on Saturday morning (37 trees as of right now)

– Prom details, meeting at Seaport on a Saturday afternoon (Jan. 20th)

– Photobooth and game tables

– Prom raffle

– Mitten tree gifts have been delivered

– Feb. 8th we will be sending Valentine’s day candy grams 

Third Quarter Minutes


Prom name on invitation: “Starlit Gala” 

Rough Draft of invitation due March 1st 

All decorations by April 

Contact DJ

Start decoration workshop in March 

Money to Opportunity Basket- Go visit restaurants and ask fro donations 

Carwash for Putting For Patients