Class of 2020 Events

Katie Tucker & Monny Cochran, Faculty Advisors






Vice President:
Student Advisory Council Rep:
Christina Binney
Ben Guzovsky
Katherine Milligan
Davis Huang
Nikki Lu

Faculty Advisors:
Monny Cochran

Katie Tucker

Parent Advisors:
Charlie Abrams

Elizabeth Binney

Nancy Trodden

High School PTO: Chair: Sarah Schott, Lisa Green

First Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
Meeting 9/12/18
September ideas/plans:
– class bonding capture the flag ($5, pizza)
   we can assign teams beforehand and each can choose a color to wear on the day
– continue to sell iPhone ID cases at football games and lunches
October/November ideas/plans:
– host a Kids Night Out (check with other classes to see if they are doing this)
– dinner fundraiser near end of 1st quarter (Qdoba)
– maybe another car wash if it doesn’t get too cold
Future ideas/plans:
– around the December holidays:
  • “Santa’s Little Helper” type things with gift-wrapping opportunities by our class
  • “Junk-it”: something similar to how the Christmas trees were picked up for $20
– Prom:
  • theme ideas
  • have a competition for best promposal
– Prom
     Theme: we would love to hear ideas from the students as we are still weighing options
     We have multiple future ideas in the works as well to make prom great!
– Our first Junior class breakfast is coming up
– And loads more: we have lots of future ideas that we are working on and can’t wait to share!
Class News:
– There is a Junior Class Breakfast 10/17 at 8, in the cafeteria
– Our class is still selling the phone ID Cases at events such as football games
– A Prom theme survey has been sent to member of the class of 2020
– Researching fun activities to have at prom
Future fundraisers:
– can collection for early January (around the 5th)
 – we are hoping to hold a kids night out event Nov 30th
– Our class is selling the iPhone ID cases at home football games and volunteers are always welcome!
– We have a class Qdoba night November 1st, 20% of the profits go to our class and it is from 5-10pm
– An aluminum can collecting event around early January
– Class Breakfast is at 8am October 17th in the cafeteria
– We are hosting a Kids Night Out November 30th and we need a lot of volunteers
– Special Olympics are being held January 27th (a Sunday), and there is a meeting for leadership people that did it last year November 7th after school
– At the first full 2020 class meeting we talked with students in small groups to hear what activities and themes they would like at prom
– Class Communication:
From the leadership conference we heard that some people may not be
getting the notices that our student leaders are sending out, so we decided that we will use
Facebook and google classroom as our two main electronic modes of communication. We will
also verbally talk to students and let them know, and possibly use advisories to distribute
– Fundraisers:
        ~ The Qdoba fundraiser is Thursday, November 1st, and people just need to show a flier or
a picture of one to the cashier and a certain percentage will come back to the class funds
        ~ Kids Night Out, hosted by our class, is scheduled for November 30th
        ~ iPhone ID cases are still being sold, and this past week were sold at the orchestra, chorus,
and band masquerade concerts
– Prom
      A night in Paris and Cherry Blossoms are the two themes that we are deciding between. A survey or poll will be sent to the grade to finalize the decision. In that survey there will be a section asking for prom volunteers (for decorations/committee).
– Q’doba fundraiser
      On November 1st there was a fundraiser for our class at 2020 to raise money for our grade and activities with a great turnout
– Kids Night Out (11/30)
      A sign-up genius is going to be created for volunteers for this fun night! We need about 30 volunteers still for multiple different activities.
– Grade merchandise
       We are deciding between long-sleeve shirts and joggers. We plan to ask the grade either the next class meeting or over a survey.
– Special Olympics is coming up and there will be a meeting for past leaders 11/7 after school

Second Quarter Minutes

Prom Theme:
Based on the results from a class-survey, the prom theme this year will be A Night in Paris.
Class Merchandise:
We will be producing long sleeve shirts to sell not only to our class of 2020 but also other grades and families.
Also, iPhone ID cases are still being sold at events, most recently the football game this Friday.
Kids Night Out:
This will be held on November 30th and there is a sign up genius available for any volunteers to sign up on. There will be different sections that volunteers can sign up for, and many activities on the day of for the kids.
Kids Night Out:
– Successful! We raised a lot of money and it went really well. In the future we will probably have another sign in desk, more arts and crafts, and more gym volunteers/supervisors.
– We are still getting some designs back, but we will probably be selling a shirt in the near future.
Future Fundraisers:
– We are brainstorming ideas such as a 5k race or a spin event.
12/12 Hats:
– Our class of 2020 is selling winter hats right now, they cost $25 and have a W for Weston on the front.
– We have a donor that is willing to donate/give a hat to someone in need for every hat bought from our class.
– Emails have been sent out, notifying parents, students, and Weston residents of our product and a web track has been set up.

Special Olympics:
– We have the basketball tournament coming up and volunteers are still welcome!
– In the springtime we are thinking about pairing with Special Olympics again and organizing a 5k run.

– There will be an invitation competition for students (the theme is Paris).
– We will also be setting up opportunity drawings for this year’s prom-goers to bid upon.
– The decorations committee will most likely have an opportunity to visit Prom’s venue this January after winter break.

– Our class is selling hats to students and parents right now. We have been selling them at lunches and will also be selling them in the town center. Also, a generous donator has offered to give a hat for every hat we sell.
Class Meeting:
– In our last class meeting on 12/14 we discussed and brain stormed ideas for giving back to the community. Some ideas include: creating care packages of toiletries, donating clothes, or making blankets.
– There will be a viewing of the venue in January.
– A competition for the invitation has been started, and the winner will be decided in January.
– This meeting was focused on Special Olympics, which our class will host at the Weston High School and Middle School. Max Ruxton, a representative from Special Olympics came as did leaders in charge of committees.
Some important things the committees are working on include:
– The volunteer committee will begin sitting outside the cafeteria to get more signups for helping out on the day of the event.
– Publicity is working on getting an article in the Town Crier.
– The fundraising committee has the shirts for the event all set.
– Registration is going to have two shifts through the day and will be a welcome committee as well.
– Decorations committee is working on a way to show players where to go more easily, and they have gotten a DJ.

Third Quarter Minutes

– We are heavily working on this event, and invitations will be chosen and sent out soon.
– A FaceBook poll has been created so the grade can decide which invitation style they like the best.
– We are getting teacher chaperones together, and setting up the decorations committee.
– Hats will be donated as part of our give-a-hat, get-a-hat fundraiser  to a shelter as well as other items such as mittens.
Special Olympics:
– There was a meeting after school 2/6 to debrief and discuss what went well and what didn’t at this years special olympics.
– The invitations for prom have been chosen and we are steadily working on our to-do list in preparation of the event.
– The decorations committee is still being brought together and organized.
Fundraising Activities:
– We are thinking of planning a service day March 6th. This would include activities such as putting together personal hygiene baskets, creating blankets, and baking cookies for the bus drivers. Students from any grade are welcome to join!
2/27 Service Day:
– This will be held on March 6th after school. There will be two locations:
1) the Trodden’s house baking will take place to support the bus drivers
2) the high school cafeteria there will be blanket making for the Floating Hospital for Children and gift-bag making for the Council on Aging’s birthday party.
– We are hoping to get students from all grades to come and help out at this!
– There will be a representative from the company that students can rent tuxedos from coming to meet the junior class.
– Invitations will be sent out soon and the decorations committee will be organized soon as well.
Future Fundraising:
– Hopefully we can get a fundraising night at a restaurant during AP testing season.
– Possibly some grade merch (sweatshirts, sweatpants…)
– We are also thinking about hosting another Kids Night Out!
– Invitations will be delivered to students in the next week or so. Decorations are still being put together and the committee will be organized shortly.
Service Day:
– This is being hosted by our grade after school on 3/6. Brownies will be made and packaged at Mrs. Trodden’s house for the bus drivers. At the high school blankets will be made for the Floating Children’s Hospital, and goody-bags for the Council on Aging’s party will also be put together.

4th Quarter Minutes

– The Webtrack for buying prom tickets is up and invitations have been distributed to juniors and seniors through advisories.
– The decorations committee is still being finalized.
– There will be a tux presentation April 12th during a class meeting.
– Also, chaperones are still being organized.
Senior prep:
– We need two slogans from our class for our senior t-shirts.
– The first week the seniors leave for internships is our spirit week and our class needs to choose what we will be doing each of the days.
– We are looking into having a fundraiser for our grade at a restaurant during the AP season.
Senior T-shirts:
– We are creating two t-shirts for our senior year, and the deadline for their slogans is April vacation.
– Almost all the chaperones are decided
– The decorations committee will be brought together very soon
– The student government will be viewing the prom venue Wednesday 4/3 after school
Future Ideas:
– We are hoping to put together a 5k run close to the end of the year

– The class government visited the prom venue this past week to get a better sense of the rooms and where everything will go. The decorations committee will be put together and shown pictures and videos of the venue soon.
– The chaperones are almost completely organized!
Class Get-Togethers:
– We will be having a fun class breakfast this week on the tenth! This will be held before school in the cafeteria.
– We hope to host a class ice cream social, but we are going to wait until May/June for warmer weather.
Senior T-Shirts:
– The phrase for our senior shirts is open to the grade and will be chosen along with the design before April break. Our grade needs two shirts: one for this spring and one for next fall.
– Our grade is working on creating a 5K close to the end of this year. It will donate proceeds to Special Olympics and have not only host a run but also a fun kids corner.

Spring Fling:
– Our grade will have a game table with prizes set up. The prizes will include different types of candy.
Senior T-Shirts:
– Our senior t-shirts for this spring have been ordered. These will be distributed to our grade the first day without seniors. That week we will also have a spirit week to celebrate our first day as “seniors”
– We are finalizing menus, lighting, and chaperones.


– The food menu and lighting decorations are all finalized. The last day for students to sign up for the prom is 5/10. There will also be opportunity baskets that people can enter for a chance to win!
Spirit week:
– This is the first week without the class of 2019 starting 5/13. It will be our class of 2020’s first week as seniors and each day we will have a grade-wide psych up.
– The first day will be our spring senior t-shirts that students have already purchased, and the next four days are still being decided.
– The first day of this week there will also be a breakfast for our class in the parking lot before school.
5k fundraiser:
– This is a new fundraiser our grade is putting together and it will be held on June 15th.
– There will be a kids corner in addition to the running trail.
– Outside of the cafeteria the weeks of 5/6 and 5/13 we will be selling prom opportunity basket raffle tickets. These can be purchased with credit card or cash. Also, each ticket is only $5 and will be given to students the day of prom when they check in at the hotel.
– If you are ordering a corsage or boutonniere through our grade/Brothers the order sheet can be found in the prom packet. The orders are also due by a week before prom.
Sprit Week:
– Spirit week for our class of 2020 will begin on 5/13. Each day that week our grade will have a theme that our whole grade is encouraged to participate in. This year the themes are: our senior t-shirts, beach day, America day, neon, and pajamas.
– For those who ordered senior t-shirts they are being distributed outside of the cafeteria. Also, students are able to pick them up from Mr. Cochran.
– The first day of our spirit week (5/13) our grade has a breakfast and celebration in the parking lot beginning around 8:00.

– It’s this Saturday! In the cafeteria we will be selling opportunity basket tickets for the rest of the week, and the drawing for the baskets will be during prom.
– The route is set for the run and an online registration has been set up through Special Olympics. (All proceeds will be donated to Special Olympics!)
– It will be held on June 15th and begin around 9.
– There will be a fun kids corner, and throughout the run there will also be color stations!


– The route is set out and the date for our run is June 15th!
– The link for signing up is out and there are multiple teams and positions that volunteers can choose from.
– We are hoping that teams across the town and age groups to challenge each other and try to raise the most money!
– All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to benefit Special Olympics.
Senior T-Shirts:
– We will be putting together another t-shirt for the beginning of our senior year in the coming weeks!