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The Weston High Math Team competes in two leagues. As a member of the Massachusetts Math League, Weston sends a 10-member team to monthly competitions; at least two members of the team must be sophomores or freshmen. Strong teams may be invited to compete in state or New England championships. As a member of the New England Math League, the team participates in written competitions

at Weston High School. The team’s weekly practices offer students an opportunity to strengthen and expand their math skills.

Club Advisors: Mary Fierabend and Bailey Fidler

Co-Captains: William Houston and Anna Lian

What’s New?

posted 11/10/21
On November 4, 2021 the Math Team headed to Lincoln-Sudbury to compete in the second math meet of the 2021-2022 season. Our team placed 1st among medium schools with a score of 103. This second meet was noticeably more difficult but our team remained focused and powered through the challenging problems, placing 5th behind large schools Lexington, AB, Winchester and LS. The top four scores for the medium school division were:
     103  Weston
       59  Canton
       57  Wilmington
       57  Burlington
In a field of 48 schools the overall total after the first two meets are:
      333  Lexington (Large)
      302  Acton-Boxboro (Large)
      276  Winchester (Large)
      228  Weston
      143  Canton (our long-standing rival!)
The regulars for this second meet who contributed to the overall team score of 103 were the following students:  seniors Anna Lian, William Houston, Lucy Wang and Jessie Yuan; juniors Ian Chang, Clara Odio and Daniel Zhu; sophomores Ryan Chao, Aidan Mozayeni and Owen Wang.
Let’s hear it for the Weston Math Team!!
Mary Fierabend and Bailey Fidler

posted 10/14/21
The results of the first MML meet of the regular season are in. WHS Math team placed 1st among medium schools and 4th overall (behind large schools Lexington, Acton-Boxboro, and Winchester) in a field of 41 schools. The top four scores for the medium school division are:
     125   Weston
      84    Canton
      76    Burlington
      76    Wilmington
An individual high score was achieved by senior William Houston, whose “just in time” protest bumped our score up two points to 125, and a near-perfect score was achieved by sophomore Eric Wei. Their solid performances were supported by the other teammates who contributed to the team’s overall success: seniors Lucy Wang and Lola Philipkosky, juniors Richard Li and Ian Chang, and sophomores Owen Wang, Ryan Chao, Divya Rajan and Aidan Mozayeni.
Congratulations to all our talented students!
Go Wildcat Mathletes!
WHS Math Teachers Mary Fierabend and Bailey Fidler

Highest Scores

Highest NEML Scores
All-time Record Holders Since 1997
(6 Contests: Maximum Possible = 36)
1) 36 points Grace Huckins ’12

Akiva Gordon ’16

Andrew Li ’16




4) 35 points Matt Spencer ’01

William Kretschmer  ’14



6) 34 points Grace Huckins  ’12

Grace Huckins  ’12



8) 33 points Ernest Zeidman  ’10 2008-09
9) 32 points Matt Spencer ’01

Chris Ecker  ’04

Alona Birjiniuk  ’05

Teddy Pendergast  ’12

Kenz Kallai  ’17






14) 31 points Michael Posa  ’03

Kelly Pendergast  ’07

Jeffrey Stix  ’08

Stephanie Palocz  ’12

Alex Bruce  ’09

Jonathan Birjiniuk  ’11

William Kretschmer  ’14








21) 30 points Michael Posa  ’03

Parker Oliver-Li  ’02

Byron Ho  ’08

Marco Alagna  ’10

Pravina Samaratunga  ’14