Math team

The Weston High Math Team competes in two leagues. As a member of the Massachusetts Math League, Weston sends a 10-member team to monthly competitions; at least two members of the team must be sophomores or freshmen. Strong teams may be invited to compete in state or New England championships. As a member of the New England Math League, the team participates in written competitions

at Weston High School. The team’s weekly practices offer students an opportunity to strengthen and expand their math skills.

Club Advisor: Mr. Larry Davidson and Ms Alison Langsdorf

Co-Captains: Jackie Aslarus and Andrew Yao

What’s New?

posted 4/30/18

Alison Langsdorf and I are delighted to congratulate the Weston High School Math Team for their outstanding performance at yesterday’s playoffs for the New England Medium-Size Schools Championship: After a close-fought contest, Weston is now #1 in all of New England!
It was all very much a team effort (as shown particularly by our strong score on the team round, enabling us to pull ahead of Longmeadow and Canton to win the top spot), but we also want to recognize outgoing co-captain Jeff Liu for achieving our highest individual score.
Here are the final scores for the top five medium schools:
  75 Weston
  74 Canton
  74 Longmeadow
  72 Sharon
  68 Barrington, RI
Also, if you’re interested, you will want to know that Lexington won the large schools’ championship, coming in comfortably ahead of A-B’s second-place finish, and that Marian won the small schools’ championship, well ahead of the Maine School of S&M’s second-place finish there. Only the medium schools had a tight finish.

posted 4/5/18

Please congratulate the WHS Math Team for their extraordinary performance  in the medium-sized schools’ playoffs for the state championship: Weston finished #1 among all the schools in all the state math leagues, and far ahead of those in second and third place!

MVM award goes to sophomore Andrew Yao, who scored a perfect 18. Close behind was fellow sophomore Ezra Gordon, with 17; our other four final competitors were junior Jeff Liu, sophomore Albert Wu, freshman Ben Chen, and freshman Anthony Cui, all of whom did very well.

Here are the scores for the top five medium-sized schools:

98 Weston
84 Longmeadow
83 Sharon
78 Canton
66 Wayland

posted 1/2/18

The Massachusetts Math Olympiad results are in and we tied our record of 5 students scoring in the top 100 for Massachusetts (and 10 in the top 200)!  Top 100 scorers include Ezra Gordon, Josh Li, Sasha Shashkov, Andrew Yao and and Zachary Zhu.  Four of these top 100 finishers will go on to compete at the second level exam at Sun Life in Wellesley on February 27th.

 A special congratulations goes to Andrew Yao, whose score of 146 out of a possible 150 points put him first in all of Massachusetts!

posted 12/11/17

Please congratulate the Weston High School Math Team for their unusually strong performance at last week’s math meet, including a dramatic win over Canton. It’s rare for us to beat Canton at all, and even when we do, it’s never by a margin of more than 3 or 4 points. But last week Weston got 127 points compared to Canton’s 117! As a result, exactly halfway through the season we are now in first place in the medium-sized schools division of the Massachusetts Math League. In the second half of the season we will continue to fight it out with Canton in the battle for first place, as you’ll see that no other school is even close. Here are the cumulative scores for the top ten medium-sized schools:

410 Weston

409 Canton

217 Bedford

213 Marblehead Red

209 St. John’s Prep

188 Central Catholic

132 Beverly

131 Marblehead Black

108 Hamilton-Wenham

  86 Swampscott

Special accolades go to freshman Neil Malur, who missed only one problem, and to sophomores Ezra Gordon and Andrew Yao, each of whom achieved a perfect score!

posted 11/3/17

The Weston High School math team participates in both the New England Math League (NEML) and the Massachusetts Math League (MML). Please congratulate the members on the excellent results in both leagues:

In the NEML, we’re currently in second place in New England, with a total of 29 points. (In first place is Cheshire Academy in CT, with a perfect 30.) Weston has five students with perfect scores so far: sophomores Ezra Gordon and Andrew Yao, and freshmen Ben Chen, Anthony Cui and Jackie Liu.

In yesterday’s MML meet (which has a different scoring system from NEML), Weston earned a total of 160 points, the highest in a single meet that Weston has ever achieved. Here too there were five students with a perfect score: junior Jeff Liu, and sophomores Joanne Lee, Ezra Odio, Andrew Yao and freshman Anthony Cui.

Despite the dearth of seniors and the paucity of juniors, the underclassmen are doing a great job of representing Weston! Congratulations to all, not only those with perfect scores but all the rest of the team who helped us accomplish these results.

posted 10/10/17

The Weston High School math team is currently in first place among medium-sized schools in the Massachusetts Math League, even beating Canton! Here are totals for the top five schools so far:

5th Tewksbury  34

4th Lynnfield 38

3rd  Marblehead 61

2nd Canton 120

1st Weston 123

Sophomore Andrew Yao earned a perfect 18. Other high scorers were sophomores David Huang and Albert Wu, with 14 each, and four competitors with 12 each: juniors Jeff Liu and Sasha Shashkov, sophomore Ezra Odio, and freshman Ben Chen. 

Highest Scores

Highest NEML Scores
All-time Record Holders Since 1997
(6 Contests: Maximum Possible = 36)
1) 36 points Grace Huckins ’12

Akiva Gordon ’16

Andrew Li ’16




4) 35 points Matt Spencer ’01

William Kretschmer  ’14



6) 34 points Grace Huckins  ’12

Grace Huckins  ’12



8) 33 points Ernest Zeidman  ’10 2008-09
9) 32 points Matt Spencer ’01

Chris Ecker  ’04

Alona Birjiniuk  ’05

Teddy Pendergast  ’12

Kenz Kallai  ’17






14) 31 points Michael Posa  ’03

Kelly Pendergast  ’07

Jeffrey Stix  ’08

Stephanie Palocz  ’12

Alex Bruce  ’09

Jonathan Birjiniuk  ’11

William Kretschmer  ’14








21) 30 points Michael Posa  ’03

Parker Oliver-Li  ’02

Byron Ho  ’08

Marco Alagna  ’10

Pravina Samaratunga  ’14






2013-14 Leaders (after 6 meets)

Akiva Gordon  ’16

Andrew Li  /16

William Kretschmer  ’14

Kenz Kallal  ’17

Pravina Samaratunga  ’14

Caleb Tulloss  ’14

Srishti Lulla  ‘`16

Kyle Chow  ’15

Jason Schwartz  ’15

Joanna Tao  ’15

Simon Harris  ’16

Clara Li  ’17

Sam Tang  ’17

Alisha Ukani  ’16