• 1) educate students about law through detailed mock trial roleplay,
  • 2) develop speaking skills, strategic thinking, and teamwork through practice and discussion,
  • 3) compete and expand knowledge with other schools, and
  • 4) encourage collaboration, hard work, and critical thinking

“Do you like law, theatre, and debate? Do you want to defend human rights? Mock trial is the perfect club for you! Mock trial is a team based competition in which we simulate a real trial. Every year, we get a civil or criminal case. As a team of six, the persecution and opposition hold trial to determine if the defendant is guilty or innocent. A team has three witnesses and three attorneys. Like to argue and debate? Become an attorney. Like acting and thinking on the spot?  The witness is a perfect role for you. As a team, we work together, focusing on collaboration and skill development rather than finding information or writing speeches. It is a fun experience that involves everybody and doesn’t need any prior experience.

We meet during activity block on Thursdays.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Benson

Officers: Yash Agarwal

Meeting time and location: Tuesday/Thursday classroom TBD