Save the Children

save the childrenName of Club: 

Save the Children Club

Faculty Advisor  Sylvia Deodas

 Club Officers 

Sophia Campo – 

Will Kilgallen

Club Mission: 

The mission of the club is to bring students together and raise money to sponsor kids in need through yearly donations to the Save the Children foundation. The Save the Children organization supports children in over 100 countries through education, literacy, health, disaster preparedness, and protection programs. These programs ensure they are healthy, educated, and protected. 86% of every dollar donated goes directly to the children. The remaining 14% goes to fundraising (8%) and managing (6%). We have been making private donations to this charity for many years and have been thrilled to see the positive impact our support has on the children. We hope that by working together as a community, we can expand our support to more children in need. 

Meeting Dates: During activity blocks

Meeting Location: 

Events/Trips Planned: 

By sponsoring a child, you not only give them the opportunity to live a better life but also the chance to build a personal bond. We plan to write letters back and forth with the children to provide them with a friend as well as someone to confide in. We are also looking into selling bracelets, stickers, magnets, etc. The profits from these items would be collected and used towards the donations. Fundraisers including raffles and penny drives would also be a great way to raise money.