scienceteam2017The Science Team gives Weston High students the opportunity to meet with and compete against students from the 14 area high schools that comprise the West Suburban Science League. Each of the 5 League competitions gives students the opportunity to put their interest in science to work doing activities related to biology, chemistry, and physics. The Science Team season culminates with the State Science Olympiad in March.

Club Advisor: Ms. Chiodo and Ms Liu

Co-Presidents: Albert Wu and Ezra Odio

Secretary: Adi Saligrama

Treasurer: Ezra Gordon

What’s New?

Posted 2/2/20
Thanks everyone for coming to today’s Harvard Invitational meet! We placed well in a number of rounds. Below are top 10 placements (out of 60 teams in attendance). We placed 15th overall.
3rd place in Data Science – Adi Saligrama and Neil Malur
4th place in Codebusters – Anthony Cui, Neil Malur, and Shraddha Lulla
6th place in Circuit Lab – Adi Saligrama and Anthony Cui
7th place in Gravity Vehicle – John Lian and Zander Ingare
8th place in Chemistry Lab – Albert Wu and Ezra Gordon
8th place in Protein Modeling – Albert Wu, Ezra Gordon, and Ezra Odio
9th place in Detector Building – Kevin Ma and Willy Middlezong
Thanks everyone for coming and putting effort in!

Club Highlights:

2019 science team

They’ve worked hard this season to pull off a wide variety of events. Please congratulate them on their achievement!

Please congratulate the Science Team on their performance at the Science Meet on Thursday 1/9. We currently are ranked 5th place out of 18 schools in the West Suburban Science League.

We placed the following:
9th place Chem Lab A: Albert Wu, Aditya Saligrama, John Lian
10th place Mystery Architecture A: Irene Wu, Katie Huang
12th place Disease Detectives A: Anna Lian, Megan Malur, William Middlezong, Ezra Odio
5th place Fossils A: Emma Hsiao, Matthew Fei, Angela Shen

Also please congratulate Angad who placed in the top 300  in the Regeneron Science Talent Search, —the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors. This great honor to be chosen from over 2000 very competitive applicants. This qualifies Angad to move on to the next level which will be announced later this month.