scienceteam2017The Science Team gives Weston High students the opportunity to meet with and compete against students from the 14 area high schools that comprise the West Suburban Science League. Each of the 5 League competitions gives students the opportunity to put their interest in science to work doing activities related to biology, chemistry, and physics. The Science Team season culminates with the State Science Olympiad in March.

Club Advisor: Ms. Chiodo and Ms Liu

Co-Presidents: Charlene Kwan and Jackie Liu

Secretary: Nate Strauss

Treasurer: Jeff Liu

What’s New?

Club Highlights:

posted 12/15/17:

Please congratulate the following ladies for competing in the Women in Science Competition this past Saturday (12/9).

Seniors: Julie Jesurum, Charlene Kwan, and Jackie Liu.

Juniors: Lydia O’Connor, Julia Tang, and Qiwen (Christine) Wu.

Both teams competed in a variety of events testing their science knowledge in all disciplines, their engineering skills, and their problem solving. Special congratulations go to the senior team who placed 5th out of 43 schools.



The whole science team both hosted and competed against 19 other schools this Thursday (12/14) in the West Suburban Science League Science Olympiad in the following events:

 Circuit Lab

Nathan S, Jeff L, Andrew G, Jaehyo N  (5th Place)

B – Kevin M, Willy M

 Microbe Mission

A – Jackie L, Ryan N, Lukas M, Zach Z (12th Place)

B – John L, Bryant Z, Vincent L, Daanish Q

 Rocks and Minerals

A – Charlene K, Ezra G, Albert W  (17th Place)

B – Andrew Y, Ezra O, David H


A – Christine W, Katie H, Shraddha L (8th place)

B – Ben C, Neil M, Anthony C,  Alexandra L

 Please congratulate these students for their hard work!

We have participated in two regional science meets so far this year and are hosting this month’s meet on Dec 14th.  In October the team placed in the top ten in two events, Optics and Astronomy. In November, the team placed in the top ten in Write it Do It.  Also upcoming, the team is participating in the Harvard Invitational in Jan and the junior/senior girls are participating in the Women in Science Competition on Dec 9.

Please congratulate the Science Team on  a solid performance at our first Science Olympiad Meet of the year.  Students competed in the following events:

 Astronomy Placed 9th out of 20

A – Charlene K, David H, Andrew Y, Ezra O


A – Jackie L, Nathan S, Jeff Y, Katie H  (Placed 13 out of 20)

B – Willy M, Shraddha L  (Placed 6 out 6)

 Chem Clue

A – Dhruv S, Zachary Z, John L, Albert W (Placed 18 out 20)

B – Kevin M, Andrew G, Neil M, Ben C    (Placed 6th out of 12)

 Optics—Placed 8th  out of 20

A – Lukas M, Ryan N, Afnaan Q