Senior Class Activities

senior bootSeniors celebrated their last first day of high school with a class breakfast tailgate style in the parking lot!



Class Officers

President Grace Wang
Vice President Amanda Mosher
Secretary Kathryn Augustine
Treasurer Alina Hachigan
Student Advisory Council Rep Jack Mullany

Faculty Advisors Gretchen Gugliotta
Jim Mc Laughlin
High School PTO Amanda White

Parent Advisors

Brian Black
Deb McNamara
Caren Demoulas
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First Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
August 30, 2017 Class Breakfast

-Spell out 2018 with cups in fence (Thomas)
-Hang banner (made by Roshani and Fiona; Mr. Black may have another)
-Balloons (Roshani)
-Post link to sign-up for food on Facebook
-Have all student government members bring a dozen donuts
-Juice boxes rather than bottles
-Fill out custodial request form and building use form
-Tailgate with grills every 2 weeks or so
-Take class picture at first class breakfast (ask Mr. Fehl)


-Start on the first day of school
-Use command hooks to hang numbers


-150th anniversary for graduation
-Incorporate theme throughout the year


-Goal = to fundraise for overnight
-Goal of 2,000
-Sell at football games, in front of Brothers…

Sept 6, 2017 Goal = to collaborate; build community


-Sell at least 20 per student
-Sell at football games, transfer station and back to school night (October 4 HS, September 28 MS, September 27 FS, September 26 Woodland, September 25 Country)
-Email principals (Kathryn)
-Contact local grocery stores (each officer)
-Emphasize during class meeting
-Sell more, lower cost of overnight
-Sales through December
-Form teams with trip to restaurant as a prize
-Bundle calendars in groups of 20 and hand out in guidance seminar or at table during lunch
-Changing ticket price based on sales – sell 20 = reduced rate

-Flyers on tables
-Man table at lunch to encourage seniors to sign up for possible events
-Kathryn and Amanda – list of events
-Jack – contact Brothers
-Announce at class meeting and all school assembly
-Students charged for not selling calendars (write down numbers of each calendar with student’s name)
-Send email to parents
Logo Contest
-Kathryn – talk to Ms. Ciccolo
Class Breakfast
-Pancake breakfast at certain restaurant on Saturday morning
-Jake n’ Joes or Qdoba dinner after football game with certain percentage going back to the class – talk to Pezzote first
-Jack – contact Jake n’ Joes and Pezzote
-Food drive
9/27 Meeting Minutes for 9/27
-Make TV ad
-Emphasize raffle aspect when marketing
-Give numerical value to show extent of how expensive the overnight is when talking to seniors
-Announce at meeting tomorrow and next assembly
-Check in with Board of Health about selling at transfer station
-Check in with youth soccer president about selling at games
-Book table outside cafeteria on Friday
Senior Assembly
-High School Musical vs. We Will Rock You
Halloween Candy Grams
-Sell for $2
-Can sell calendars while selling candy grams as well
Spirit Week
-PJs, America…
10/4 Calendars
-Thank You notes for principals
-Shifts at Brothers on Saturday (9-5)
-Every other weekend
-Shifts at Weston Fire Department (10-2)
-Present at class meeting (meeting in gym for rehearsal)
-Print sign up sheet

Council on Aging
-All school food drive prior to Thanksgiving (start next week)
-Put pictures of empty shelves on flyers and list needed items
-Start technology tutoring next first Wednesday

Halloween Candy Grams
-2 for $5
-Sell 23rd-27th

-Get approval before order of t-shirts
-Talk to Meg

10/13 SLC Minutes 10/13
Calender Fundraiser:
-Have sold approximately 200 calendars so far
-2000 is the goal (Mrs. Mcnamara)
-Permit for transfer station just needs police to sign off.
-Allows us to sell every Saturday from October to December
– Alina will post volunteer signups in fb group.
– Amanda will continue to update event list in Weston.
– Look to further expand sales to youth soccer, masquerade concert etc.
– Make a poster for calendar sales @ brothers (sandwich board?)
Council on Aging
Canned food drive
– Looking for cans, no cardboard
– Alina made flyer and this will be put on bulletin boards by Mrs. Mcnamara
– Need to run it by Pezzote
– Time: October 18 – Nov 1st
– Officers will check and clear out boxes so that there is more room for new food.
Technology tutoring:
– On first Wednesday, try to recruit around 5 people to help the council with technology tutoring
– Try to shift tutoring to spring because of lack of student time.
Candy Grams for Halloween:
– Sell large candies with stickers that have the Halloween theme
– Trick (sour)= Starburst gummies
– Treat (sweet) = Skittles or Gummi Bears
– 2$ per candy or 2 for 5 (great value!)
– Need to get Sticky labels
– Ask Danielle for trim/labels
Skip day:
– Treetop Adventures (would be around $50) vs Six Flags(more like $100)?
Senior Gift:
– Possibly create some sort of path with rocks in the courtyard.
– Create some sort of bridge or dock in pond (talk to Mr. Cochran and Ms. South)
Class Prank:
– Possibly make prank committee that offers an opportunity for people to contribute to it.
10/18 Student Government Meeting Minutes on October 18th
-Table at lunch on Thursday
-Need cashbox
-Saturday at Brothers from 9 to 5
-Friday at field hockey senior night game and at football game in Waltham
-Thursday at boys soccer senior night game
-Use sandwich board at Brothers
-Flash food drive
Candy Grams
-Start next week
-Purchase Avery labels (~200)
-Poster for candy grams
-Make lunch schedule
10/25 Calendars
-Emphasize that individual price decreases with calendar sales
-Next Saturday at transfer station
-Thursday senior night at Regis for boys soccer
-Sell at Ether Day
Candy Grams
-Sell into next week
-Food dropped off
-Post Thank You note in FB group
-Continue until November 1st
Class Bonding
-CPK fundraiser
-After November 1st


Second Quarter Minutes


Thanksgiving Game 

-5 students/shift for concession stand 

Black and White

-Braeburn vs. Weston Golf Club

Class Bonding

-Sledding on snow day 

-Dinners before/after games (hockey, basketball)

November 29 Meeting Minutes


-509 total 

-Advertise to middle school (Amanda – sign up) 

-Transfer Station Saturday, Brothers Sunday

Black and White

-Post survey in Facebook group – Weston Golf Club vs. Braeburn 

Class Breakfast 

-December 20th 

-Student run – create sign up (Jack) 

Secret Santa

-Have people sign up

-Trade gifts at class breakfast 

-Cap at $10.00 


-Bronze wildcat (rub nose before sporting events) 


Black and White

-Two tier pricing (before vs. after break)

-$75 then $90

-End ticket sales on January 18th

-Need total number attending by January 22nd

-Online invitations – via email and Facebook

-Look at different websites


-January 18th


-Friday before MLK weekend

Class Bonding

-Ice skating




-Tubing at Nashoba

-Night skiing at Nashoba


Black and White

-Create flyers and online invitations

-Confirm with chaperones

Class Breakfast

-Use identical sign up (students bring food)

Spirit Week

-Battle of centuries – 90s (maroon) vs. 2000s (black) (Millenium Monday)

-Twinning Tuesday

-Ugly sweaters (Wacky Wednesday)

-Tie Die Thursday

-PJs (Fuzzy Friday)

Class Bonding

-Waffles on Sunday at 12

Class Breakfast


-Ask waffle truck?

Skip Day

-Post survey for suggestions



-Check in today about decorations

-No set menu (buffet style)

-Send out playlist in Facebook group

-Check for plastic frames to put flyers in

-68 tickets sold so far

-January 18th as last day for ticket sales

Class Bonding

-Sheet of paper where people can write New Years resolutions

-Ice skating

-Survey class for bonding ideas (Amanda)

-Try sledding on Town Green tomorrow

-CPK – January 18th, all day (flyer —> 20% to class)

-Send to Westword

-Print flyers (15 – other grades and tables)

Kindness Rocks

-WEEFC grant for supplies

-Need to decide on color

Thank You Cards

-Have at class meeting

-Order from Vista Print

Power of Kindness

-Order Power of Kindness banner (Class of 2018 underneath)

-Students nominate students for acting kind and have those students recognized 


January 10th, 2017 Notes


-Makeshift photo booth

-Geotag for event


-Goal to get assigned person’s

-Have people sign up to participate

-Safe zones – bathroom, classes and parking lot

-Spoon above head for protection

-Whoever has most spoons wins

New Year’s Resolutions

-Put up sheet this week


-Good V18es playlist


-2 Power of Kindness


-Create valentines

-Senior-senior prom

Staff Thank You Cards

-159 total

-Assign every person one teacher

-Choose but first come first serve

-Put labels on envelopes

-Order 200 Thank You Cards

-Have people return cards unsealed to check over



Third Quarter Minutes

Meeting Minutes for January 24th, 2018

Black and White

-Determine gratuity for buffet

-7 chaperones

-Leave food out for hockey players

-Men need collared shirts


-$96.00 raised

-Look into Linden

Class Bonding

-35 responses

-Bowling, sledding and class breakfast

Skip Day

-Six Flags

-Dave and Busters


-Put rules onto Google Doc and determine which to follow

-Begin on February 1st

Kindness Rocks

-Blue for Class of 2018

-Need to purchase markers

February 7th Meeting Minutes

Class Breakfast

-On Valentine’s Day

Class Bonding

-Ice skating (Daly Rink) vs. bowling (King’s)

-Determine cost of each

Spirit Week

-Next week

-Decide on psych ups

Tech and Tea

-Reach out to COA

3D Printing Contest

-Seniors serve as judges

Senior Skip Day

-April 13th

St. Patrick’s Day

-Candy grams?

Pi Day

-Begin sales first week of March (5th to 9th)


Meeting Minutes

Skip Day

-Kings, Jillians ($79), Dave and Busters, Laser Tag (Laser Craze in Woburn), Boda Borg (similar to Escape Room; provide link)

-Survey with pricing

Spring Fling

-Taylor Rental for dunk tank

Yearbook Breakfast

-Contact waffle truck

Class Bonding

-March 10th for ice skating at Daly Rink

-$265/50 minutes

-No cancellation fee

-Contact Warrior Ice Arena – ask about renting entire rink and playing hockey (March 10th or 24th)

-Before lacrosse game have cookout


-March (19th through 23rd)

-Alert faculty

-Sign-up after break


-During internship

-Talk to Olivia

Pi Day

-Apple, eclair and blueberry

-Sell March 5th through 9th

-1 for $3, 2 for $5


-Price lapel pins with logo (~$375)

-Ask Fiona for graduation invites?

-1200 chairs for order

Senior Prank


-Fat heads


-Mother’s Day tea

-Car wash

-Talk to junior class about food drive

-Senior-senior prom

February 28th Meeting Minutes
Senior Skip Day
-Determine pricing for Six Flags
-Put out second survey with top 2 choices
Pi Day
-Make table poster (Kathryn)
-Print slips (Kathryn)
-Lunch schedule (Amanda)
-Cash box (Alina)
Spring Fling
-Dunk tank from Taylor Rental in Wellesley (ask about ordering with StuCo)
-Contact Fire Department to fill up dunk tank
Class Meeting
-Talk about skip day
-Talk about ice skating
-Finish Thank You cards
-March Madness
-Daly Rink on March 10th – $20-25
-Warriors on March 24th