The Haunted Graveyard was a huge success for the class!



Class of 2021 Officers

President: Allison Kirk

Vice President: Christopher Schott

Secretary: Lily Heslam

Treasurer: Zach Meyers

SAC: Dellena Bereket


Class of 2021 Faculty Advisors

Sophie Kulas

Erin Patterson

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Wendy Fox

Jana Hinton

Jinous Lotfi

First Quarter Minutes

September 5, 2018

Attendance: Ms. Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Hinton, Ms. Fox, Chris, Ally, Dellena, Zach, Lily

Haunted House:

  • Maze for little kids (w boxes & tarps for decoration)
  • Games/activities for kids (face painting, donut game, pin the tail on the donkey, etc)
  • People decorate their own space & then we combine (multiple groups of friends for seperate areas & different time shifts)
  • People to entertain the line (magic tricks, yegros cartoon characters)


  • Sept. 22 babysitting during the wcca cocktail party
  • Car washes
  • Grade dances
  • cpk/other dinners
  • Tailgate on tennis court
  • Sell food at rivers games

Boat Cruise:

  • Need chaperones
  • 60 more students

September 12, 2018

Attendance: Ms.Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Fox, Chris, Zach, Ally, Lily

Boat Cruise:

  • For permission slip paper is okay at the bus
  • Pictures at 5 bus at 5:30
  • Need 2 chaperones preferably but 1 is okay
  • Ask Mr. Welby and Le-anne, Ms. Gearan, Mr. Luu,
  • Need flyers
  • Have 15 Minutes of lee-way before leaving the high school if people are running late
  • Have a talk on the bus about safety on the bus (3 buses)

Haunted House:

  • Coming up
  • Ms. Sousionis should come to a meeting to talk about the haunted house and the supplies and decorations

September 20,  2018

Attendance: Ms. Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Chris, Ally, Lily

Boat Cruise:

  • Overall went well
  • Some bad behavior (no shoes, seasickness, throwing things, hanging off railing)
  • Write chaperones thank you notes


  • Instagram?
  • Communicating in person to spread the word
  • Need a monitor for the board in the hallway (could go to semi for free)

Haunted House:

  • October 27 – 6:30-8:30
  • Groups (set up & break down) – google doc or sign up genius
  • 3 sections w/ 15 people in each group being rotated + 1 leader for each
  • 5 people jump scaring
  • Tour guides
  • Ticket booth (3-4)
  • Kids area
  • Food tables w/ chick-fil-a
  • Freshman clean up
  • Start the friday night before to set up
  • Length?
  • Do yard work cleanup to gather resources for haunted house and make money – need group
  • One parent at each light switch
  • Bring cash
  • Need info about date, time, food, kids area on poster, cash

September 26, 2018

Attendance: Ms.Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Zach, Chris, Ally, Lily, Mrs. Hinton, Mrs. Iatridis, Mrs. Cort

Haunted House:

  • Sign up genius
  • 15 people in each of 3 areas + 3 shifts – 90 total
  • 3 oclock makeup for lead roles  (20 people who will stay until 9)
  • Need to check w/ theater club for staying longer, and use of stage
  • On columbus day weekend, 7 & 8 1-4 pm to help paint sets
  • Poster Board to advertise w/ smaller posters
  • Advertise to wellesley and wayland schools
  • Post for our grade on GC and facebook
  • Ask henry to be here from 3-9
  • Buried alive theme
  • Spirit guides to give graveyard tour & guide people the whole way
  • 20 people w/ makeup always in the loop
  • 5 tables/areas in kids section (2/3 per area + parent supervisor)
  • Dance, face painting, game area, maze?, arts & crafts?, slime?
  • 1 adult at each lightswitch-6
  • Parents are selling the food
  • Chick-fil-a, pizza, cotton candy, popcorn
  • Buy trays & add straps + 3 people for sales
  • About 130 total
  • T-shirts
  • Need to post flyers

Second Quarter Minutes

Third Quarter Minutes