The Haunted Graveyard was a huge success for the class!

We are seeking student volunteers at Boys & Girls Club on Thursday, February 14th from 3:30pm – 7:00pm to help with their Valentine Party and cookie decorating.


Boys & Girls Club Waltham on Thursday, February 14th at Boys & Girls Club from 3:30-7:00 – see class officers to sign up


Sophomore Casino Night at Weston Golf Club

Saturday, March 30th from 7pm-10pm

**Click here for Webtrac to purchase tickets**

Class Fundraiser & Bonding at B/SPOKE Wellesley

Let’s get spinning!  We will ride, sweat and have fun for 2021! Saturday, March 9th at 12:30 p.m.

50 bikes available and we want to fill the class!

PROM 2020

Yes, we are a year and a half away but planning has begun and a student prom committee selected,  If you are interested in helping, please let us know!

Thank you for your support!

Jana, Jinous & Wendy

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

rotary club

Rotary Club

Weston High School Sophomores are eligible for the Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Award, designed to recognize Weston and Wayland sophomores who embrace community service.

 Nominations from the student’s parents are welcome, and the Rotary Club asks for and values “seconds” to gain an additional perspective.

Each month from October 2018 through May 2019, one sophomore from each town will be selected from the nominated students. Each will be recognized at a Rotary Award Dinner. Any student can be nominated by a member of the community through a simple online form available at

Any questions please contact John Marchiony

Please see the Weston/Wayland Rotary Club website for more information.

Thank you,
Jana, Jinous & Wendy
Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Dear Class of 2021 Parents & Guardians,

We have SEVERAL EVENTS sophomore year!
Saturday, March 30th
Semi-Formal Casino Night at Weston Golf Club
Wendy Fox & Jana Hinton



Class of 2021 Officers

President: Allison Kirk

Vice President: Christopher Schott

Secretary: Lily Heslam

Treasurer: Zach Meyers

SAC: Dellena Bereket


Class of 2021 Faculty Advisors

Sophie Kulas

Erin Patterson

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Wendy Fox

Jana Hinton

Jinous Lotfi

First Quarter Minutes

September 5, 2018

Attendance: Ms. Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Hinton, Ms. Fox, Chris, Ally, Dellena, Zach, Lily

Haunted House:

  • Maze for little kids (w boxes & tarps for decoration)
  • Games/activities for kids (face painting, donut game, pin the tail on the donkey, etc)
  • People decorate their own space & then we combine (multiple groups of friends for seperate areas & different time shifts)
  • People to entertain the line (magic tricks, yegros cartoon characters)


  • Sept. 22 babysitting during the wcca cocktail party
  • Car washes
  • Grade dances
  • cpk/other dinners
  • Tailgate on tennis court
  • Sell food at rivers games

Boat Cruise:

  • Need chaperones
  • 60 more students

September 12, 2018

Attendance: Ms.Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Fox, Chris, Zach, Ally, Lily

Boat Cruise:

  • For permission slip paper is okay at the bus
  • Pictures at 5 bus at 5:30
  • Need 2 chaperones preferably but 1 is okay
  • Ask Mr. Welby and Le-anne, Ms. Gearan, Mr. Luu,
  • Need flyers
  • Have 15 Minutes of lee-way before leaving the high school if people are running late
  • Have a talk on the bus about safety on the bus (3 buses)

Haunted House:

  • Coming up
  • Ms. Sousionis should come to a meeting to talk about the haunted house and the supplies and decorations

September 20,  2018

Attendance: Ms. Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Chris, Ally, Lily

Boat Cruise:

  • Overall went well
  • Some bad behavior (no shoes, seasickness, throwing things, hanging off railing)
  • Write chaperones thank you notes


  • Instagram?
  • Communicating in person to spread the word
  • Need a monitor for the board in the hallway (could go to semi for free)

Haunted House:

  • October 27 – 6:30-8:30
  • Groups (set up & break down) – google doc or sign up genius
  • 3 sections w/ 15 people in each group being rotated + 1 leader for each
  • 5 people jump scaring
  • Tour guides
  • Ticket booth (3-4)
  • Kids area
  • Food tables w/ chick-fil-a
  • Freshman clean up
  • Start the friday night before to set up
  • Length?
  • Do yard work cleanup to gather resources for haunted house and make money – need group
  • One parent at each light switch
  • Bring cash
  • Need info about date, time, food, kids area on poster, cash

September 26, 2018

Attendance: Ms.Kulas, Ms. Patterson, Zach, Chris, Ally, Lily, Mrs. Hinton, Mrs. Iatridis, Mrs. Cort

Haunted House:

  • Sign up genius
  • 15 people in each of 3 areas + 3 shifts – 90 total
  • 3 oclock makeup for lead roles  (20 people who will stay until 9)
  • Need to check w/ theater club for staying longer, and use of stage
  • On columbus day weekend, 7 & 8 1-4 pm to help paint sets
  • Poster Board to advertise w/ smaller posters
  • Advertise to wellesley and wayland schools
  • Post for our grade on GC and facebook
  • Ask henry to be here from 3-9
  • Buried alive theme
  • Spirit guides to give graveyard tour & guide people the whole way
  • 20 people w/ makeup always in the loop
  • 5 tables/areas in kids section (2/3 per area + parent supervisor)
  • Dance, face painting, game area, maze?, arts & crafts?, slime?
  • 1 adult at each lightswitch-6
  • Parents are selling the food
  • Chick-fil-a, pizza, cotton candy, popcorn
  • Buy trays & add straps + 3 people for sales
  • About 130 total
  • T-shirts
  • Need to post flyers

Second Quarter Minutes

Third Quarter Minutes