Thank you!

Dear Class of 2023 Parents and Guardians,

Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!

We are pleased to report the 2020 Halloween Parade, Co-Sponsored by Sophomore Class and Weston PTO, turned out to be a great success! The morning Halloween snow gave way to blue skies and a crisp sunny day. Please take a moment and check out the photos on The Weston Community page on Facebook.

More than 40 families competed in the pumpkin carving competition; over 20 families joined the “ghost counting” contest; 200+ families drove with their decorated kids and cars through the parade. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, brought joy to the Sophomores cheering for them and the circle continued.

More than 40 Sophomore students volunteered by organizing the pumpkin competition, playing live music, setting up props along the parade route, creating costumes and dressing up as ghosts, zombies, vampires, ghosts, athletes, summer vacationers, and Disney characters. The newly elected Class Officers worked quickly to plan, organize and rally support from their class and did a great job! We are also incredibly thankful for the dedicated Parent Volunteers and Faculty Advisors for all their time, creativity, flexibility and support.

Some parents have asked the donation, there are two ways to make gifts to Class 2023 to fund their graduation celebration:

by web track: please click 2020 Halloween Parade;

by Venmo: account:@westonpublicschools  with a note: 23hallowee

Thank you very much for your support on behalf of the Sophomore Class working hard to create a happy and unique Halloween for K-5 children.

Warm Regards,

Smita Sharma                                   2020 Halloween Parade Committee Co-chair

Cindy Murtha Tanny & Mai Luo            Class of 2023 Parent Advisors

posted 9/23/2020

Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Awards for Sophomores

Hello Parent of WHS Sophomores,

Starting in 2017, the Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland has presented the ‘Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Award’ to recognize Sophomores who demonstrate interest and commitment to community service.

This year, our Sophomores can be nominated. As background on the Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Award, the Rotary Club shared this link to the RYLA page on their website and this 3-minute video. You may also have seen the article in this week’s Town Crier, which also will on

Any student can be nominated by any member of the school community, including teachers, coaches, administrators, advisors, students, parents or community leaders using the simple online nomination form. Outstanding students will be selected and recognized in November, December and February based on nominations received anytime before October 15th, November 15th, and February 1st, 2020.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Rotary Club RYLA contacts, John Marchiony and Mark Messina, through their shared email address,

Cindy Murtha Tanny & Mai Luo

Class of 2023 Parent Advisors

posted 9/14/2020

Dear Class of 2023 Sophomore Parents & Guardians,

We hope you had a wonderful Summer, were able to recharge and enjoy quality time spent with your kids.

After last year’s remote learning, months of social distancing and time apart, we look forward to re-connecting. Returning to school and the importance of unity has never been more important.

As Parent Advisors for the Sophomore Class, we will be working closely with Faculty Advisors and with the Student Government & Student Council on creating engaging student lead events and activities throughout the year. Our goal is to build a sense of community and foster connections that are inclusive and inviting for everyone. We welcome your feedback and creative ideas on how to plan events while safely navigating this semi-virtual hybrid school year.

We will be communicating important class information, upcoming events and reminders throughout the year. For daily updates on what is happening, please consider bookmarking  Weston High School News and Weston High School Calendar..



Class of 2023 Officers

President: Matthew Korbin

Vice President: Grace KIrk

Secretary: Haven Trodden

Treasurer: Henrik Stjernfeldt

SAC: Nate Sins


Faculty Advisors: Thea Ruggiano and Jeff Diaz

Parent Advisors: Cindy Tanny, Mai Lao

WHS PTO Chairs: Gail Palmer and Stephanie Goldstein