Class of 2026 Events

posted 10/16/23

Haunted House Update: Info and Volunteer Request


We would like to give you an update on planning for the Haunted House and next steps.

If your kids are confused or have any questions, please reach out. We are essentially writing and producing a theatre production in  a couple of weeks. It’s a lot, we are so impressed with their ideas and input thus far!


  • We have 13 teams that created a scene for the HH. They are so great, this is one spooky dollhouse!
  • We just created the HH route with these 13 scenes as stops along the route. We will provide every sophomore volunteer a complete script for the HH, a packet of all 12 scenes.
  • Those who could join us met today at the storage bin at the high school to look through bins of props accumulated over the years. This gave them the opportunity to see what we have and what they are going to need to procure on their own.

Next Steps

  • We are reaching out now so you have time to help your sophomore team gather what they need for their costume, makeup and props. We are encouraging the kids to keep it simple. They are going to have to get these props in and out of the school on October 28th.
  • If you have certain things you don’t know how to procure, let us know and we’ll put a list together. For example, we have a creepy nursery scene. If you need a bassinet/crib, we can ask around to folks who might be cleaning out kid stuff. Keep in mind, it’s a busy busy night, things can get broken.

School Rules Regarding Props and Scenes (for fire and safety reasons)

  • No fake blood or make up is allowed on the floors, walls etc. Dried blood on costumes is fine, but it must be dry before entering the school.
  • No dry ice, open flame or smoke machines.
  • The only tape allowed is painters tape or frog tape, no duct tape is allowed.

Upcoming Dates

  • Oct 22, time TBD. Dry run / costume help at the high school.
  • Oct 28, all hands on deck. Kids will spend most of the day setting up their scenes and helping others set up.

Lastly, PLEASE volunteer your time to the extent you can on Friday, Oct 27 and Saturday, Oct 28.Here is a link to our sign up genius with opportunities to donate supplies and slots to volunteer your time.

Thank you!

Class of 2026: Welcome to the New School Year!

Happy September and welcome to the 2023-24 school year! We hope you all had fun and relaxing summer breaks.
We wanted to reach out to introduce/reintroduce ourselves as the Class Parents for the Class of 2026 as there were some changes over the summer. Michelle Hipwood has graciously stepped up to join Alix and Janice as part of the team and we are lucky to have her on board!
Sophomore year is a busy one and we wanted to hit the ground running when school starts next week. We have a number of events coming up in the first two months of school so please add these dates to your calendar! More info will be coming soon. We will need parents’ help with some of these events so we’ve also included a link to volunteer – please click to sign up if you’re able to help out! Pumpkinfest and the Haunted House are the class’ two biggest events of the year and the students will need lots of help and support from parents to make them happen.
Sophomore Boat Cruise
Saturday, September 23
Saturday, October 14
Haunted House
Saturday, October 28
Sign up here to volunteer for Pumpkinfest and/or the Haunted House. We urgently need help with both events, and especially the Haunted House, which is a big undertaking and a major fundraiser for the class. If you are are handy, creative, love Halloween – and even if none of of these apply to you – we really need your help
to make this event happen.
Thank you so much – we’re looking forward to a great year!
Alix Campbell, Janice Theriaque & Michelle Hipwood
Class of 2026 Parents


class officers

 Class Officers

President: Chelian Subbiah

Vice President: Ryan Hinckley

Secretary: Zoey Hipwood

Treasurer: Margaret Liu

SAC Rep: Kirsten Choi 

SC Reps: Aya Badlissi, Kelon Jalinous, Tylanni Nawanna, Drew Pettinato, Zoe Smallman, Lisa Wang

Class of 2026 Faculty Advisors  Jess Arena, Jeff Dias

Class of 2026 Class Parents:  Alix Campbell,  Janice Theriaque and Michelle Hipwood

High School PTO:  Jen Betty, Michelle Callanan