Class of 2020 Events

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Katie Tucker & Monny Cochran, Faculty Advisors







Vice President:
Student Advisory Council Rep:
Student Council Representatives:
John Lian
Ben Guzovsky
Ezra Gordon
Albert Wu
Nikki Lu

Faculty Advisors:
Monny Cochran

Katie Tucker

Parent Advisors:
Charlie Abrams

Tani Marinovich

High School PTO: Chair: Amanda White

First Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes

Sept 13. Morning, Class of 2020 Sophomore class meeting

 Fundraising ideas: hooded sweatshirt

Other: thinking of making a google calender for events, finish class email list

 October 4th: class breakfast (donuts, bananas, bagels, hot chocolate, oj)

October 13th: student leadership conference (for stu-gov)

October 14th: boat cruise: bus needed, 9 chaperones needed, $42 per person cost (food and transportation) leave at 5:00, back by 11:00

October 21st: haunted house: more discussion needed for this, find theme and poster artist, plastic sheeting 6:30-8:30 $10/person, $30/family

 Scheduling next meetings: Wednesday Sept. 20 starting 2:50, Thursday Sept. 28th during activity block (11:45-12:20), 


Haunted House:

-Still need posters for the Haunted House; Ben and John will take care of it

-Will post info for HH on Facebook

-5 minute video before auditorium to set up story

-Children’s area: Cookie decorating?

-Need to decide on Haunted House theme: Hospital?

-Ezra will write article for the Town Crier on the Haunted House edit: Nikki and Albert will also contribute

-One student officer will lead each group in HH, 5-6 people in a group; Expected 400 people to show up

-Black sheeting will be placed over for protection

-Sell T-shirts with HH theme; $10-15?

-Mostly dependent on volunteers bringing their own costumes

-We received advice from previous year’s sophomores

Boat Trip:

-Will ask more teachers to chaperone the boat trip, currently short a few


Haunted House:

– HH Posters will be finished by Thursday; Artist was busy over the weekend

– Nikki and John will desgin the poster background (date, time, price, …)

– 6:30-8:30 HH

– Video has not yet been finished, set deadline for Oct. 10

– No T-shirt, artist is too behind on art

– Goal is 300 people to show up, $10 per ticket

– Make goodie bags (300); Materials will the same as those used last year

– Divided into sections, each place will have a certain theme

– Black sheeting must cover everything

Boat Cruise

– ~50 people have signed up, sounds like more people will sign up as well

– Ask friends to sign up for boat cruise

Class Breakfast:

– Need outreach (Ben already took care of it)

– everything all set

– There will be a Haunted House table, spread the word even more


– Need a design, try to get all of the grade included with the design of the t-shirt

– Ideas: collect designs during


Haunted House:

– Not enough parent volunteers, will still run the event but tougher

– Albert will not be able to come, needs to find a replacement for tours

– Haunted House video is ready

– Auditorium will not be available until 2:00

– Will come at 9:00 to get equipment from Black Box

– Read the map of the Haunted House to see which areas are open

– Will finalize on Friday

– Goodie bags have been made

– Posters have been made

Boat Cruise:

– Should be all set for everything


– Hoodies are all cotton, pretty high quaity

– Two options for vendors: $31-33 w/o shipping or $30 w/shipping (just not sure which is better quality)

– May send another poll with a smaller range of decisions for sweatshirt or just make a decision ourselves

10/13 Boat Cruise:
– Anika and Nikki will make Facebook posts about last-minute boat cruise signups

– Cost is $26 per sweatshirt
– Deciding between: 2020 on sweatshirt, or no 2020
– 2020 would create more class unity, no 2020 would allow us to market to every school
– Decision: blank back, WESTON on front with an arched text (basically Option 2 with no back)

Haunted House:
– Ben is working on the Haunted House video, b/c it is 2 minutes long currently; Must be at least 4 minutes long to avoid jams while putting groups through
– There will also be a minute-long description of regulations everyone must follow in the auditorium
– John has a list of people on kids-area duty, will plan activities to do
– Ezra needs to plan a budget for the Haunted House
– Decorations will be largely up to the participants
– There must be an adult at each of the 7 light switches
– Will plan teams of people
– Should make fake blood in advance
– Nikki will revise HH Poster to make it more “kid-friendly” for elementary schools
– Thea will be replacement for Albert; Bharathi will be replacement for Ezra until 7:30
– No volunteer hours for Haunted House
– $175-200 for police, $175-200 for fire department, $300 for posters, $320 for the goodie bags
– John will bring disposable scrubs for the hospital theme

Class Bonding Ideas:
– Movies, California Pizza Kitchen

10/18/17 Sweatshirts:
– Finalized posters for sweatshirts

Haunted House:
– Need more parent volunteers
– Spread the word for the info
– Finished video, not yet approved
– Ezra will get the cashbox, $100 in 10s
– 53 people signed up
– There will be another meeting on Activity Block 10/19
– Nikki will make the fake blood (stainable, try not to get it on clothes)
– Reading corner in the children’s area?

10/25/17 Sweatshirts:
– Middle school selling hoodies
– Communicate w/lower grades more
– Possibly extending the sweatshirt order deadlines
– John and Ben will make physical posters

– Write notes of next year’s Haunted House about what worked well and what didn’t
– Breakfast may be scheduled before winter break
– Need to sell remaining mittens, 70 pairs (thinking about selling them at hockey games)
– Decide what to do with Spring event (Casino night, paintball, etc.)
– Joy is planning the California Pizza Kitchen event, around January

Second Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes


– Come up with more advertising: more posters, social media

– Middle school needs more advertising

– Need more orders, currently below 200 order projection

– There is “class apathy” right now; About 1/3 of orders are from out-of-class

Haunted House:

– Huge success, seems like both volunteers and participants enjoyed the event

– Most money the class has ever made in a single event, around $4000

Advice for next year’s HH:

– Warn people ahead of time to eat before the event so they don’t get hungry early

– Shift out the actors so they don’t get tired



– Possibly delay deadline for the Middle School

– Could go to the middle school class meetings to announce the sweatshirts, but would require a longer deadline


– Find a way to sell the rest of the mittens (around 50-70 left)

– Around $10 each, they were sold for $15 each last year

– Go to Band/Orchestra concerts (last year a lot were sold there)

 Special Olympics Basketball Game:

– Organize the committee (Has already been formed, positions last for 4 years)

– On Superbowl Sunday


– Decide whether to do Casino Night, paintball, or something else

– Possibly use Advisory to send another survey, similar to what we did with the sweatshirt designs

– California Pizza Kitchen: Joy has determined possible dates, just need to pick one

11/15 Sweatshirts:
– 71 orders total, $20 profit each => ~$1400 profit
– Not enough class involvement, significant number of orders were from out-of-class
– Next time create a more specific survey; some people who asked for the design didn’t buy it

Special Olympics:
– Ezra sent an email to the committee
– Meeting day: Starting from Thursday, November 30th, every Thursday in room 32

– John will send a thank-you email to Jake Hansen’s mom for the HH goodie bags



– Organized them & will pass out during lunch from school store

– Some sweatshirts are not the correct size (Update: Only the XL ones are defects. Will be slightly delayed in giving them out)

Special Olympics:

– Meeting this Thursday

Class Activity:

– Most likely paintball, sometime during the spring when the weather is nice



– Will finish distributing them

– Will send emails to those who have not claimed them yet

Special Olympics:

– Decide on the meeting dates of each committee

– Publicity Committee will publish the date of Special Olympics

– Get more parents on each of the committees

– Need at least $2000 fundraised for the event


– Decide on venue, either Hyatt or Taj

– Decide on whether it is better to have a plated meal or a buffet-style meal

– Will cost $15000 minimum



– Someone needs to finish delivering sweatshirts to everyone

– to Superintendent, Mr. Pezzote as well


– Historically a buffet-style meal

– Hyatt has an outdoor patio included, downtown

– We get a 15% discount if we order before the end of the year

– In past years: Hyatt at airport, Seaport Hotel


– Very mixed class response; Some very supportive, some negative



– Finish distributing hoodies


– Albert will find where mittens have been stored (Update: They have been located)

Class Event:

– All events have about the same approval percentage ~40-60%

– Kids Night Out seems like the simplest option, but Student Council may also do it

– Paintball could possibly be shut down by the school administration

– Maybe Casino Night?

– Albert will call Regis College for room rental for Casino Night


– Hotel double-booked, can’t do the original date

– However, if we move it back one week, it will be 22% off


Special Olympics:

– Groups should be finalizing plans, top priority


– Hyatt has been booked


– Pezzote has not yet responded with whether or not paintball is okay

– Get information for Kid’s Night Out

– Other options for events?

– Should set a fundraising goal to continue advancing towards


– There are still hoodies that need distributing

– An email has already been sent out to those people

– Class officers have been assigned for each person left on the list

– John will notify everyone if there are issues

Third Quarter Minutes

January 17, 2018 

Casino Night:

– Regis has been booked (should be free for Weston); $1200 for dealers, $400-500 DJ, $60 per person, + food costs

– Cross-sell it as a Casino Night and Semi-Formal

Special Olympics:

– Ask Joy for face painting at the event

– Jacey will DJ for the Special Olympics (more people TBD)

– Posters have been put up around the school by Publicity Committee

– Special Olympics will be announced over the loudspeaker


– Car wash for Spring Fling

– Get approval for paintball

– Maybe give Kid’s Night Out to Student Council if fundraising goes to class funds

January 24 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020

Mrs. Binney (chair of Special Olympics) and members of various Special Olympics committees are also present

Special Olympics:

– Class officers will be responsible for the welcome introduction and the closing

– Teams will be introduced by other members of committees (Christina, Becca, Olivia, Julia)

– Fundraising team will announce sponsors

– Registration committee needs find someone responsible for bringing the torch, oath, etc.

– Need sound system for music

– VJ has also volunteered as DJ in addition to Jacey (VJ may have a sound system for the event)

– Focus will be on basketball during the event, usually games are quite serious

– Basketball committee is responsible for timing and moving the games along

– Coaches and parents will be present

– Pizza will be available for everybody who wants it

February 7

Special Olympics:

– Special Olympics was a huge success, great work everyone

– Send out a school-wide thank-you

– Could post pictures for the bulletin board


– Ezra has still not received an update from Mr. Parker

– Following up now

Casino Night:

– Need chaperones for Casino Night

– Mr. Pezzote would count as an administrator, three other teachers are needed as well

– ~$500 rental, $27-28 per person cost for food, police detail, 20% tax, DJ, + other expenses

– Should be $50 cost per person at least, so $65 per person is needed for profit

– Early signups end on February 25th, before price is increased to $75

– Casino Night date is April 7th

Class Breakfast:

– March 14th class breakfast

Spring Fling:

– April 28th

– Car wash


– Need more ideas to reach goal ($10,000 right now)

– What have other grades done? (opportunity basket, candygrams,

February 14 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020

Casino Night:

– require 2 more teachers to volunteer, preferably one more as well

– need to follow up with Mr. Benson and Mr. Henry about volunteering for Casino Night

– Ben and John will work on posters

– new permission slip is required because of a new year

– Albert, Ezra, and Nikki will find people to help decorate

– rewards will be given to people who finish with the most money


– Paintball has been approved by Mr. Parker

– Time should be in the afternoon rather than at night, no buses

– Might be difficult to make money off of, Casino Night will be the main fundraiser

February 28 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020
Casino Night:
– Need to get more chaperones
– Ask Mr. Benson and Mr. Kelley
Class Meeting:
– Announce when the elections are
– Post election information on Facebook
– Announce carwash as well
– Idea for a March Madness bracket competition
– Open to the whole school
– Amazon Alexa as prize?
March 21 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020
Casino Night:
– Starts at 7:00
– Posters have been posted, but dates are wrong; They will be changed later
– 45 kids registered currently, need more people
– Goal should be around 100 people
– 3 emails have been sent to the parents
– We should need 2 more chaperones
– Decoration committee has been assembled, should meet later
Class Breakfast:
– Reschedules to March 28 due to snow day
– Need a form to waive liability
– Considering Boston Paintball, Ashland location
Car Wash:
– Need more people to sign up other spots aside from 11-12:30
Student Council:
– Student Council members Christina and Ramin were here to propose fundraising item
– ID Phone stick-on
– $0.86 each from Quality Logo Products
– Could sell for about $3-5 each

4th Quarter Minutes

April 4 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020

Casino Night:

– Just over 100 signups currently

– Mr. Pezzote has a family issue, so he will not be able to chaperone

– Try asking teachers without kids, in English or History Department

– Need to get prizes for the end: Gift tickets for top 3, crown with fake money on top for first place

– Decorations will be placed on Saturday, April 7 by Decorations Committee


– Waiting for waivers from Mr. Pezzote

ID Tags:

– $5 for a tag, because $3 would result in a lot of change

– 250 orders have been placed

Class Meeting:

– Student Council will not be able to participate, so Student Government will announce tags

April 11 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020
Casino Night:
– Seemed like it was a success
– Could use more tables next time
– Time was good, didn’t go too late
– Could add poker tables as well
– Need announcer for the prizes at the end, make it more organized
– DJ played his own playlist, not the one we sent
– Feedback survey for after the Casino Night
– Make an album for pictures
– StuGov will help set up for speeches
Financial Report:
– Approximately $7800 earned, about $2000 profit
– School administration may not be able to give waivers due to liability issues that could occur
– Could sell it as a non-school related event
Car Wash:
– Nothing can touch the ground, always must be in buckets
May 2 Morning, Sophomore Class of 2020
– Could make a class What’s App group for people without Facebook
– Another option could be to make a Google Classroom for the entire class
– StuGov and StuCo will both sell the phone IDs (~200-250 to sell)
– Need to communicate with people about graduation earlier
– The sophomore class will be serving water, food