The Stock Market Club’s mission is to educate fellow students about finance, the economy, and the stock market. We have hosted/scheduled various knowledgeable speakers ranging from world renowned academics (Prof. Robert Barro of Harvard University) to industry leaders (John O’Connor, CEO, Battery Global Advisors and Jeff Feingold, Former Portfolio Manager of the Legendary Fidelity Magellan Fund), to government agencies (SEC). Please click the google classroom link below to access our full list of speakers.

In addition to hosting insightful speeches, we also have practical discussions about stocks, engage in interactive learning activities, and participate in a year long investment competition (with a gift card prize for the winners!). Future speakers include Robert Baker, Assistant Regional Director, Asset Management Unit of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and Colin Campbell, Managing Director at Bain Capital, which is one of the world’s leading multi-asset investment firms.

Here is a link to join our google Classroom:


Club advisor: Corey Guerra


President Zunian Luo