Weston High School is part of Council B of the Greater Boston Regional Student Advisory council, a part of the State Student Advisory Council (SSAC).

•  The SSAC is a group of students elected by their peers from schools throughout Massachusetts who are helping make decisions about state educational policy and student rights. These students are initiating and carrying through projects to make changes in local schools.

•  SSAC is composed of five Regional Councils and the State Council. According to state mandate, every secondary school MUST elect two delegates to a Regional SAC. Each Regional Council elects eight (Greater Boston elects twelve) members to the State SAC. The State SAC has its own projects, but also helps coordinate those of the Regional SACs. The SSAC serves as a communication network to share educational information among all students.

•  The student Chairperson of the State SAC serves as a full voting member of the Massachusetts Board of Education.

•  The chairperson represents the needs and the ideas of all students in Massachusetts and is a communication link from the Board to the SSAC. To facilitate education, students must be thought of as participants in, not merely recipients of, the educational process.

Greater Boston Regional Student Advisory Council