Student Representatives to District Councils 

Principal’s Advisory Council Chloe Zhong, 2024, Anke Shact, 2024, Lily Spencer, Ava Tilman-Schwartz, Ellie Tillman-Schwartz, 2024, Nathan Rosenfeld, 2024, Celia Lawlor, Annie Dong, 24, Molly Ross, 24

Nola Dickie, 2025, Nicholas Barbieri, 2025, Xianyang Zou, 25, Areta Quazi, 25,  Sarah Zhang, 25, Cora Nicolaisen, 25, Cian Ortiz, 25, Laney Backer, 25, Farrah Zerola, 25

School Council Keila Jalinous, 2024

William Zhang, 2025, Shania Smith, 25, Max Zhou, 25, William Balz, 25

Barbie Cobb, Danielle Cooper, Kelly Flynn, Gretchen Gugliotta, Alida Hanson, Onika Jenkins, Tricia Liu, Mai Luo, Paul Peri, Victoria Rakov, Sean Smith, Yongcheng Wang

SAC Reps  Cortney Leung, Max Zou,Kirsten Choi 
WHAC Gabriela Friel, 2025, Erin Racklin 2022, Gracyn Summersgill, 2025, Whitney Summersgill, 2025, Kai Townshend, 2025
School Committee District One-year term The Weston School Committee is a legislative body comprised of five members elected for three-year terms at the Town Election in May, whose primary responsibility is to oversee the annual school budget; develop school system policies; hire and review the performance of the school system Superintendent; advocate for the school system with citizens and Town Government.  One student may be elected from among Student Advisory Council representatives to serve as a non-voting member of the School Committee.
Student Advisory Council Weston High School Student Advisory Council Representative (SAC):
• Represents the class at monthly School Committee breakfast meetings
• Reports out to class concerning current events, issues or concerns discusses with School Committee
• Participates in the election of the Student Member of the Weston School Committee
• Shares responsibility for class activities
School Council Weston High School Two-year term*
Weston High School is required by law to form a School Council to advise the Principal on the budget, school disciplinary policies and other matters as arise. Council members are elected each fall to represent students, faculty, parents and the community. Each year, the School Council provides to the School Committee a School Improvement Plan.
Students are a voting member of the Student Council and must attend all meetings. Student representatives represent the views of the student body to the School Council; provide minutes from all School Council meetings for the Student Council and Inform the Student Council and Student Issues Committee of important issues facing the School Council.
Principal’s Advisory Council Weston High School Two-year term*
The Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) includes faculty, staff and students.  The PAC meets monthly.  Students are a voting member of the Student Council and must attend all meetings. Student Representatives must attend all Principal’s Advisory Council meetings and give input on conflicts and issues involving the student body, faculty, and school administration;  provide minutes from all PAC meetings for the Student Council; and the Student Council of important issues facing the PAC.
Weston Health Advisory Council Weston High School Two-year term* Mission:  Regulations for School Wellness Advisory Councils were developed to ensure that all Massachusetts school districts have a group of staff and concerned community representatives to recommend, review, and facilitate implementation of district policies addressing a wide range of health concerns. The Weston Health Advisory Council (WHAC) meets four times annually and is charged with developing and implementing an annual action plan that addresses student health data and policy/program information reviewed by the council. The plan must include attention to nutrition, physical activity and obesity. The committee is comprised of Physical/Wellness Educators, School Nurses, Food Services Personnel, Community Services Officer, School Psychologist, Guidance Counselors, students, parents and administrators. We welcome your participation!

* Selection Process for Principal’s Advisory Council, School Council, and Weston Health Advisory Council

Each spring open positions for Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC), School Council, and Weston Health Advisory Council (WHAC) will be filled; students may participate in this process by following the guidelines presented below:
Students will self-nominate by contacting the Director of Student Activities to indicate on which committee they wish to serve, nomination will remain open for one week.  Once nominations are closed, a list of candidates will be shared with faculty to solicit feedback on the following:
1. Student academic performance
2. Student character
3. Student behavior**
**Any student whose behavior and or character are contrary to the school’s mission may be declared ineligible.
Students will then schedule an interview with the High School Principal and the Director of Student Activities.
Final selection will be at the discretion of the Principal.