The mission of the Weston METCO Scholarship Fund, Inc. is to provide scholarships to worthy students, primarily graduates of the Weston METCO Program, to attend college or to obtain other post-secondary education.


Weston METCO Scholarship Fund, Inc.
November 2016
Dear Friends,
 As college tuitions rise, and the number of Weston METCO graduates requiring financial assistance grows, The Weston METCO Scholarship Fund seeks to provide students with a level of support commensurate with their demonstrated need, a mission ever more challenging in these changing times.
  For nearly 50 years, you have been essential to mitigating financial hardship for our METCO graduates attending college or obtaining post-graduate degrees.  To ensure that our students continue to have this opportunity, please donate to the Scholarship Fund today with your most generous gift possible.   Help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal before the New Year.
Your donation will reduce student debt for our METCO graduates considering present or deferred college matriculation, residential or commuter programs, and will facilitate their further education by reaffirming their hopes for a bright and secure future.
 Whether a scientist, financial expert, health and or legal professional, teacher, artist, entrepreneur, or in our military, Weston’s METCO students represent decades of dedication and achievement.  From Command Sgt. Major Curtis Johnson, a US Army veteran, to our High School mentors in the Boston Buddies program, to members of our METCO Class of 2017 engaged in community service, the arts, science and sports—all appreciate the vital importance of higher education.
 As we reflect upon the academic and career achievements of our Weston METCO students, and wish them further success, please send your tax-deductible contribution now to www.westonmetco.org or to the Weston METCO Scholarship Fund, 49 Bay State Road, Weston, MA  02493.
On behalf of the Scholarship Fund Trustees and all our METCO students with whom we have shared education and friendship, thank you in advance for your gift.  We welcome every single one of you, and look forward to counting you in by December 31st.  Please send your donation today!
 Pamela R. Foster, Trustee
 Weston METCO Scholarship Fund

Make your check payable to:  

WestonMETCO Scholarship Fund, Inc.

and mail to:

c/o William H. Wrean, Jr.

49 Bay State Road

Weston, MA 02493

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Chandra Mohammed ‘92, President      Donald Pierson, Vice President     Angela Molyneaux, Secretary    Sharon Keyes, Correspondence Secretary   Will Wrean ’82, Treasurer

Keith Abbott ’87   Cheryl Antoine    Jaquetta Oliver Bigby ’95   Lynn Song Brown   Sheila Burkus    Gloria Castro   Tina Chartrand ’77   Erika Christon ’06    Michelle Crawford-Cranmore     Pamela R. Foster ’78       Elizabeth Hochberger   Leila Hooper

Barbara Karchmer     Byron Knight ’95 JD     Roslyn Marshall

Monique Marshall-Veale ’86    Elizabeth Nagarajah   Abby Psyhogeos    Mary Pughe     Denise Simmons     Kimberlee Wyche, ’83 MD, MPH     Lisa Wyche ’82

Honorary Trustees

Wallace Ackley     Aberdeen Allen     Robert Danforth      Robert Freeman          William H. Wrean

A Brief History of its Beginning

Nine children from Boston, graduates of the Roxbury-Weston Preschool, entered the Weston Public Schools Kindergarten at Brook School via the METCO Program in September 1967. Weston’s unique plan for participating in METCO was to enroll a new cohort of kindergarten children, primarily those who had attended Roxbury-Weston Preschool, each fall, and have the children continue through graduation.

By the time the first cohort reached fourth grade, in 1971, Weston parent Jane Funkhouser drafted a letter to parents and host parents, urging that plans commence for the funds that would be needed to help support these children further their education beyond Weston High School. She invited contributions and established a savings account in a local bank. Over the next few years, Jane continued to solicit funds informally, and she urged formalizing the effort.

The first meeting of the Weston METCO Scholarship Fund, Inc. was held at 8:00 PM on Tuesday evening, January 13, 1976 in the METCO Coordinator’s office of the Weston Junior High School. Present were: Frank B. Dow, Jr., H. Kenneth Fish, Jane Funkhouser, Donald E. Pierson, Alton C. Thomas, Harry B. Thompson, Jr., Sally Z. Weiss, and Hamilton Wyche. Sally Weiss led the meeting. She stated that the purpose of the meeting was to formalize the organization of the Weston METCO Scholarship Fund and to discuss the matter of raising funds for scholarship purposes. She reported that the Fund had approximately $800 in the savings account initiated by Jane Funkhouser. Sally also reported that the Weston Coalition, formed shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. had a balance of $1800 remaining in its treasury which they would like to give to the Fund.

For more information, contact the current President, Chandra Mohammed.

Ken Fish distributed a draft of proposed by-laws. It was decided that the initial Board of Trustees should consist of six members, and the following were elected to serve: Frank B. Dow, Jr., Donald E. Pierson, Alton C. Thomas, Harry B. Thompson, Jr., Sally Z. Weiss, and Hamilton Wyche. Sally Weiss was elected President and Treasurer. Ken Fish agreed to serve as Clerk. Jane Funkhouser declined to accept an official position. It was agreed that future membership would be determined by votes of the Trustees at annual meetings.

The Articles of Organization for the Weston METCO Scholarship Fund, Inc., establishing the Fund as a charitable private foundation, were filed by H. Kenneth Fish with the Secretary of the Commonwealth at the State House on January 29, 1976.

The first scholarship awards were distributed in 1980, when the first group of METCO students graduated from Weston High School. The first graduates of the Weston METCO program were: Darryl Baynes, Beverly Clark, Maria DaRosa, Keith Haynes, Christopher Hill, Karen Horner, Paul Locker, Brenda McMillan, Myric Thompson, Fred Washington, and Mark Williams.

The Weston METCO Scholarship Fund has been benefitting Weston METCO graduates who are attending college or other post graduate studies for over 30 years.