Meet Our Principal, Phil Oates

phil oates

Phil is entering his 19th year as an educator. Phil has served as the assistant principal at Weston Middle School for the past six years, with seven total years of experience in school administration. He spent the previous 11 years as a math teacher. Phil graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics. He also earned his Masters in Secondary Math Education from UMASS Boston and Masters in Organizational Management from Endicott University. Phil’s career in public education spans from elementary to high school. Phil is married with three kids and will have a middle schooler of his own in 2023!


The Weston Middle School strives for excellence and fosters a community of learners, guiding students toward their optimal intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

The Middle School’s program is organized in a “house” system, with students in each house sharing the same set of subject matter teachers.  This arrangement allows for a more personal and supervised education appropriate for young adolescents.  Fine and applied arts, sports, and activities programs are part of the comprehensive program.  The Middle School program is also supported by specialists, tutors, aides, and volunteers.

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WMS Student Handbook 2022/2023

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DESE School District and Report Cards

Middle and High School Bus Routes

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Students are scheduled to be picked up between 8:05 AM and 8:35 AM. Students should be in homeroom by 8:40 AM.

The 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM late bus is provided to enable students who participate in after-school activities with transportation home. Because of the lower number of passengers there are only three late buses and the routes vary according to ridership destinations. When boarding, students may confirm the route with the driver.

Middle School hours are:

The building is open 8:35 AM-4:30 PM on regular business days. Due to current circumstances we are only allowing students, faculty and staff into the building. 

 School hours for students are:

Monday through Friday 8:45 AM –3:15 PM  

The Middle School doors will open at 7:30 AM on Thursdays for “X block”, which is a time designated for students to meet with teachers, use our library resources, and get extra help if necessary.

Early Release Wednesdays: 12/6/23; 2/7/24; 3/6/24; 5/1/24

8:40 AM – 12:45 PM 

Day before Thanksgiving and last day of school:

8:40 AM – 11:45 AM (no lunch will be served on these 2 days)


The Weston Middle School community fosters academic growth, encourages personal development, and strives for each student to respect her or him self and others. We believe in learning as a process and respect both individual learning styles and the diverse cultural and family backgrounds of our students. A variety of teaching methods is utilized to achieve a shared goal of success for all students. Students are encouraged to develop high expectations for themselves and to meet their goals. All members of the community work collaboratively toward shared ideals, while accommodation is made to meet the needs of the individual. We model mutual respect and tolerance. Students are held responsible for positive contributions to a safe environment for learning and playing.


At Weston Middle School all students will:
1. Participate in a well-rounded, quality program that develops their multiple, diverse talents.
2. Act responsibly as they grow to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and independent learners.
3. Develop a sense of self-respect, as they are recognized for positive contributions to the learning community.
4. Build upon successful experiences through participation in curricular and extracurricular offerings including rigorous, challenging academics; experimental and performance –based arts; and interest-based activities and athletics.
5. Respect the diversity of our community and the world, fostering a sense of tolerance and empathy for others.
6. Dare to take appropriate risks and succeed or fail in a safe environment guided by caring teachers, parents, and support staff.
7. Engage in active learning opportunities, and apply skills and talents to real-world problems.
8. Think critically about the world and their role in it as they explore opportunities for service to others within and outside our community.
9. Learn as a community and understand what it means to be a responsible citizen.
10. Discover the joy of learning and all of its wonder.

We the people of Weston

Embrace diversity

Say all are welcome

Take pride in what we do

Overcome tough obstacles

Never discriminate against others

Administration & Contacts

The House System is the heart of the Weston Middle School, providing an academic and self-esteem promoting structure for students, as well as a means of transition from the elementary schools to the high school.  Each grade has two color-coded houses. Each house has a team of teachers who meet several times a week to share information, develop strategies for instruction, and plan programs and activities.

Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the school regarding their child’s progress.  Appointments with teachers may be scheduled for the first Wednesday afternoons of most months, or at other mutually convenient times.

To email any faculty member, enter (example:

Main Office         (781)786-5600
Philip Oates, Principal
Brian Buck, Assistant Principal
Amanda Glassman, Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Langan, Administrative Assistant
Kristin Mariano, Bookkeeper (HS & MS)
6th Grade, Room 210                                    
Georgeann Bossers, Grade Director (781)786-5651
7th Grade, Room 236                                                                                     
Caryn Grozalsky, Grade Director (781)786-5702
8th Grade, Room 121                                                                                                            
Michael Brown, Grade Director (781)786-5685
School Aide
Eileen LeBlanc  (781)786-5681
School Nurse
Jamy Gaynor  (781) 786-5620

School Council

The Weston Middle School Council is a state mandated advisory group whose members are elected each September to represent parents, faculty, students and the community. Legislatively mandated to review the school budget and disciplinary policies for the Student Handbook, the School Council also advises the principal on other issues related to student life and academics. The School Council produces a School Improvement Plan each year, which is presented to the School Committee in May for implementation the following year.