• We support the vision of the Weston Public Schools by actively collaborating with parents, faculty, staff and the community to advance the well-being, academic success and lifelong learning of our students.
  • While respecting individuality, the school nurses facilitate positive responses to normal development; promote the health and safety of all students and staff; intervene in the case of actual or potential health and/or emotional problems; and provide case management.
  • We aspire to build student and family capacity for adaption, self-management, self-advocacy and learning, thus assisting our students to become productive citizens of the increasingly diverse and global society.

The Middle School nurse is available during school hours for direct care services, care coordination and confidential consultation.  Please call 781-786-5620 or 5627 with any questions, concerns or changes in your child’s health status.

Middle School Nurse

Denis SchwerzlerDenise Schwerzler, a nationally certified school nurse, has been employed as a middle school nurse in Framingham, MA for the past seven years.  She is extremely excited to be joining the team and families of Weston Middle School.  Her prior nursing experience was on a cardiac unit at Milford Hospital.  She is currently enrolled in the Master of Nursing Leadership Program at Framingham State University with an expected graduation of May 2018.

Ms. Schwerzler graduated in 2008 with a BSN from Curry College.  Before entering the field of nursing, she worked for 18 years in environmental laboratory research at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).  While employed at HSPH, Denise obtained a BA (concentration Biology) graduating cum laude from Harvard University’s night school.

Ms. Schwerzler’s personal interests include life-long learning, exploring, camping, hiking, skiing, and just being outdoors.  She has a tremendous love for SCUBA diving and is looking forward to her sons becoming certified in the near future to be able to join her in this passion.  She spends many summer days enjoying time with her family on the Ashland reservoir near her home.

Phone:  781-786-5627, 5620

Fax:  781-786-5629

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