Learning is a process          

Weston Middle School offers a challenging and balanced academic program.  Students experience a core curriculum that provides a well-rounded education as defined by both State and district expectations.  In addition, middle-schoolers have the opportunity to choose electives in the arts.  Arts education is considered vital to the development of creativity as well as essential to the learning process.  Choosing electives affords students some independence of mind and prepares them for the many choices they will face in high school, college and beyond.

The course request process begins in January and is finalized during the summer.  Parents and counselors are involved with the course selection.  While it is not possible to give every student their ideal schedule, much effort is made to optimize programs based on core requirements and individual interests.  Except for newly enrolled students, students may not begin full year courses after October 15 unless approved by the principal.   Whatever the schedule, our teachers are skilled and committed to excite learning in our students.

Reporting Process

Report cards are issued four times during the school year.  Grades are reported for the first term; second term and first semester; third term; and fourth term, second semester and for the year.  Special reports may be issued during the marking period or as a supplement to regular reports to alert parents and students that student work is not meeting standards or to commend students for outstanding work.  Parents may request a conference with a teacher or counselor at any time.  Wednesday half days are available for this purpose.