Department Head:                                            Patrick Kelly                (x 5493)

Team Chair, School Psychologist:                 Maryellen Stampfli       (x 5646)

School Psychologist:                                        Suzanne Brooks          (x 5654)

Adjustment Counselor:                                   Megan Dominici      (x 5742)

Administrative Assistant:                               Liz Tedeschi                  (x 5611)


Special Education Teachers:

Lauren Belmont, ACCESS                               (x 5692)

Adam Katz, 7th, 8th grade LBC                     (x 5701)

Janet McGrath, 7th Grade                             (x 5718)

Kristin McNulty, 7th, 8th grade LBC            (x 5721)

Rose Narciso, 6th Grade                               (x 5737)

Peggy Payne, 6th grade LBC                         (x 5736)


Related Services:

Speech and Language Pathologist           Erica Wade               (x 5703)

Occupational Therapist:                            Joan Bero                  (x 5324)

Physical Therapist:                                     Heather Spicer         (x 5361)


Additional information related to Special Education services can be found on the Student Services page:

WPS Student Services