Grade 6 Resources:

  • Grade 6 School Supply List (2024-2025)
  • Sixth grade is an exciting year for students.  They are no longer children, but “tweens”.  They are no longer in elementary school.  Now they have to learn to deal with multiple teachers, changing classrooms, lockers, increased homework and choices.  They are on their way to becoming young adults.  Sixth grade faculty members work closely to help these young people learn organizational and study skills, manage social transitions and learn to advocate for themselves.

The transition to sixth grade can be intimidating but we have developed a program to ease the move from the Field School so that students are well prepared for the new challenges they will find.  Transition meetings begin at the end of Fifth grade and include orientation on the first days and special study and organization sessions.

While Sixth graders are learning to advocate for themselves, parent involvement is still very important.  Parents are welcome to contact teachers, counselors or administrators whenever they have a question or concern.

Sixth Grade Office


emails: last name plus first name initial (no spaces)

Grade Director: Carrie Rainville-Collins

’24-’25 Grade 6 Counselor: Phoenix Aiello

6th Grade Learning Specialist: Rose Narciso, Peggy Payne & Lauren Keane

METCO Academic LiaisonCyril Kakulu

6-8 Grade Aide:  Laura Sher