WMS Garden Club Donations

The Middle School Garden Club is an offshoot of one of last year’s Project Based Learning (PBL) groups called “Middle Ground”.  This group of students looked at the optimal sites for gardens on our campus, and part one of their project begins this fall.  It requires some donations, however.  Each day, many of you use our parent loop to the right of our school for parent drop off and pick up.  The oval island in this loop is the site of the Garden Club’s first project.  The club is asking for donations of two items to make their project come alive this spring, which you can drop off any time at the oval island (soil) or in our main lobby (bulbs):

  1. Bags of garden soil
  2. Bulbs (Tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc.)

The Garden Club students will work the garden this fall and get the bulb bed ready for the spring.  All you have to do is literally drop of your soil donations right on the oval island as you visit the school for pick up or drop off!.  Bulb donations can be made by dropping them off in the MS Main Lobby in the box labeled “bulb donations”.

We hope you can contribute to this project, and we hope each member of our school community will be able to plant one bulb in the garden this fall creating a beautiful bloom in the spring.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


John Gibbons