Learn how to sugar with Land’s Sake farmers!

When: Mondays and/or Thursdays, 2:45-5pm, January 22-March 22

Where: The Sugar Shack at Weston Middle School

Cost: $215 with a Rec Dept badge, $235 without

Learn how to sugar with Land’s Sake farmers! This after school program will teach you how to make sap into syrup.  Learn how to identify sugar maple trees, tap the trees with a power drill, gather sap, boil using our large evaporator, and bottle the finished syrup. The program finale is the Sugaring Off Festival where you will get to lead tours of the sugar house and sell syrup.  Students get to take home delicious syrup that they worked from start to end to make.  Impress your friends with your new, impressive skills! Sign up today!


Register through the Weston Recreation Department, program #38220

For more information visit landssake.org or contact education@landssake.org