Free Online Activities for Students Offered by WHS National Honor Society Students

Free Online National Honor Society Activities for Students

The Weston Chapter of the National Honor Society is pleased to offer fun and educational activities for students.

Beginner Dance Class

Tuesday, August 25   4 – 5 pm

Host:  Katherine Barber

Suggested Ages:  Elementary and Middle School Students

Description: Beginner dance class.. No previous dance experience is required. We will start with a warmup and some slight stretching. From there the class will cover some basics of contemporary/jazz dance through some short routines and will end by learning a short dance.

Materials needed:  To get the most out of this class, place the camera 5 to 10 feet away, a soft floor is recommended.

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Introduction to Latin and Mythology

Tuesday, September 1   4 – 5 pm

Hosts: William Middlezong and Matthew Fei

Suggested Ages:  Students in Grades 3 through 6


Your hosts will discuss the joys of Latin, mythology, and Roman history. The practical uses of studying Latin, such as understanding the roots of  English words, will be discussed. We will introduce concepts from mythology and Roman history. The presentation will be filled with many exciting activities.

Materials needed:  Pen and paper

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