Welcome Back From Superintendent

(click here to download the letter as a PDF) 

Dear Weston School Community,

I feel excited to welcome each of you to the start of the 2022-2023 school year.  Our teachers and administrators have been working very hard over the summer months to prepare for the opening of schools in a few short days, and we are ready to hit the ground running this fall. Please click these links for more information about lunch menus, bus routes, and public health. 

I am extremely optimistic about the coming year. We will keep in place many mitigating safeguards used in recent years (air purifiers in all learning spaces, masks available for all, and testing for symptomatic individuals), but we are also very pleased to safely open the schools back up to families in ways that will be familiar to folks that were with us before the pandemic.  This includes in-person back to school nights, mystery readers at the three elementary schools, concerts, plays, and athletics – all proceeding in ways that should feel enjoyable and comforting.

We have all experienced struggles over the past two years, sometimes in big ways and ways directly due to COVID, and other times in smaller or subtler ways. We all have felt how hard it can be to stay patient and resilient during difficult times. This new year is a time for healing, moving forward, and reaffirming the wonderful community that Weston Public Schools has provided for us – and doing so from a place of trust and positivity. As we begin this year I ask that we all strive to focus on being civil and kind to all members of our school community, including every member of the outstanding faculty and staff working with and on behalf of our students. 

This year we will continue to focus on the various overlapping goals of excellence and innovative instruction along with diversity, equity, inclusivity, and community connections. We will be embracing the motto “all means all.” The goal of this “all means all” will be that every student that enters our schools will not just be able to access a high quality education, but will be able to bring their whole selves to the school each and every day, and feel a sense of belonging in their school community. “All means all” necessitates our continued, collective commitment that we are going to retain our work to take care of ourselves, each other, and our community.

As we open the 2022-23 school year, I look to the entire Weston School Community to embrace the coming year with hope and positivity. I am looking forward to partnering with each of you to help make this year one in which all of our students feel a sense of belonging, wonder, and joy.


Dr. Midge Connolly