Sign up today to become a MS School Council representative!

The Weston Middle School has three (3) open seats for parent/guardian representatives for School Council. Each seat has a two-year term.

This is an important and exciting opportunity for parents/guardians to get involved. Every public school in the state is required by law to have a School Council made up of various representatives, including elected parents/guardians. According to the Massachusetts Department of Education, school councils are to assist principals in adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards, identifying the educational needs of students attending the school, reviewing the annual school building budget, and formulating a school improvement plan.

School Council meetings are held monthly at the Middle School from 3:30-5:00 P.M. The dates for 2022-23 are: 10/25, 11/29, 12/20, 1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 5/30.

If you are interested in running for School Council, please send a candidate statement to Daina Selvig ( by 5 PM ET on October 4, 2022. School Council Elections will run from October 11th to October 14th.