Picture Retake Day Thursday, 11/16

Information from Coffee Pond Photography:


Retake Day is open and free for:

  1. Anyone who had their photo taken and wants a retake (if they purchased images or not).
  2. Anyone who had been sent a request from us to have a retake image taken (due to quality control of the original image).
  3. Anyone who was absent on Picture Day and needs their first image taken.

NOTE: If a student wants a retake and has purchased images, they should bring in their original purchase and give this to the photographer on Retake Day.

-The retake image will automatically be printed, and a new portrait package will replace the returned package.  *There is no charge for the exchange.

-If they decided to purchase both images (packages), or end up preferring the original, they will need to contact Customer Care to arrange this at: Lifeguards@coffeepond.com  or 508-907-6633 ext. 0.