Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Middle School Spring Sports! I am very excited for the upcoming season. All MS Spring Sports will begin on Monday, April 1st (Tennis on Tuesday, April 2nd). If you have not already done so please be sure to register on FamilyID (Link: www.familyid.com – go to Weston Middle School Spring Sports 2024) and have an up to date physical on file with the school nurse (if your child has already played a sport this year most likely their physical is OK). No student-athletes can participate in sports until they are registered and have a physical on file with the nurse.

Here is some information that may be helpful:

Practices: MS practices will begin typically at 3:30pm and run until 5/5:15pm (occasionally a team will end earlier – Track & Tennis tend to end by 4:30pm on non-meet/match days).

Games/Meets/Matches: All are scheduled to begin 3:45pm, however sometimes an opponent or a Weston team will not arrive in time for a scheduled start due to a late bus, traffic, etc.

Buses: There will be both a Boston & Weston bus at 4:30pm as well as a 5:30pm Weston & 6pm Boston late bus. For games/meets/matches Weston Athletics will

   provided transportation to all away contests. Student-Athletes are expected to travel to and from contests on the provided transportation with their team. Should there be a

   time where a student-athlete needs to leave an away contest with a parent/guardian an email has to be sent to your child’s coach and Athletic Director Mike McGrath (mcgrathm@weston.org) at

   least 24hrs. prior to the away contest.

Away Contests: Should your child be playing away, there is a very likely chance our team will not return back to Weston in time for the late Weston/Boston buses due to unforeseen reasons such as traffic, late starts, etc. Please be

   aware that your student-athlete may need to make alternate transportation arrangements.

Locations: Baseball – MS Baseball Field, Softball – Varsity Softball Field, Tennis – MS Tennis Courts & Track – Proctor Field Track

Schedules: Practice schedules will be provided by each coach. Game/Meet/Match schedules will be available at the following link: Athletic Schedules (Note: Tennis will be available within the next week)

~ One day each week every team will have an “off day”. Off days will be determined by each coach and communicated to the team.


            Baseball: Joe Welby – welbyj@weston.org

            Softball: Paul Buccheri – buccherip@weston.org & Susannah Phillips – phillipss@weston.org

            Tennis: Jason McCarthy – mccarthyj@weston.org

            Track: Mike Kelley – kelleym@weston.org, Peter Dunbar – dunbarp@weston.org & Pat Kelly – kellyp@weston,org

NOTE: There will be some team specific meetings next week during “Flex Block” at the middle school. Coaches will place announcements at the middle school.

As always, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me at 781-786-5845 or mcgrathm@weston.org.

Go Cats!



Michael McGrath

Director of Athletics

Weston Public Schools


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