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The Weston Middle School strives for excellence and fosters a community of learners, guiding students toward their optimal intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Our community fosters academic growth, encourages personal development, and strives for each student to respect her or him self and others. We believe in learning as a process and respect both individual learning styles and the diverse cultural and family backgrounds of our students. A variety of teaching methods is utilized to achieve a shared goal of success for all students.

Upcoming Events

2018 Ecuador Adventure



8th Grade Spanish Trip: Ecuador Adventure
This will be the sixth successful year of our Ecuador Adventure. This trip begins with 3 days in the one-of-akind, unique, and incredible Galapagos Islands, where students learn about nature and animals while cozying up to the most magnificent wildlife you can imagine. The second half of the trip is the service-learning component, which is rich in language and culture. During this portion of the trip, we partner with a rural Quechuan community in the Andes Mountains to work alongside locals, become part of a global community, make connections and learn more about ourselves and the rich Ecuadorian culture.

Check out some of these amazing photos from this year’s trip!