School Council

The Weston Middle School Council is a state mandated advisory group whose members are elected each September to represent parents, faculty, students and the community. Legislatively mandated to review the school budget and disciplinary policies for the Student Handbook, the School Council also advises the principal on other issues related to student life and academics. The School Council produces a School Improvement Plan each year, which is presented to the School Committee in May for implementation the following year.

The School Council comprises parents, faculty and administration who meet monthly to advise the school principal, assisting with:

– Identification of the educational needs of the students entering the school

– Review of the annual budget

– Formulation of a school improvement plan and/or educational goals

The Council may also raise issues of concern that may arise from year to year.

Members of the Middle School Council are:

Kristin Asadourian- Parent

Phoenix Aiello- School Counselor

Chris Brown- Science Teacher

Kate Dickie- Parent

John Gibbons- Principal

Susan Gula- Community

Cyril Kakulu- METCO Academic Liaison

Lauren Keane- Teacher

Jane Ortiz- Parent/ METCO Rep.

Abrar Qureshi- Parent

Catherine Riedel- Parent

Jonathan Rosen- Parent

Lorraine Sousa- Librarian/ Media Specialist

Shauna Townsend- DSP Coordinator

Taio Xien- Parent


Contact details for School Council Members can be found in the Weston Public Schools PTO Directory.

The public meetings dates are listed on the Middle School calendar.

The agendas can be found on the Town of Weston website. Scroll down to School Committee.