Welcome to Weston Public Schools!

Weston is an extraordinary community that supports education at a very high level. We pride ourselves on academic excellence, a rich curriculum, and value the opportunity to really know each and every child.

Where to Register

If you are registering a Kindergarten Student please visit the Kindergarten Registration page.

To Register your child(ren) please email Enid DeCastro, District Registrar, located in the High School Guidance Office, or by calling 781-786-5820.

Required Documentation

To register your child(ren) in the Weston Public Schools, you need to bring the following required documents to your registration appointment. Please note, if you are registering multiple children, you will need to fill out a separate packet for each child.

Personal Documents: (all 4 are required)

  1. An original birth certificate or an original adoption certificate (in English).
  2. Proof of residency in Weston:
    • Acceptable documents include
      • if you own your own home/condo: a current tax bill or deed in your name, and a current utility bill in your name; or,
      • If leasing/renting a residence: Your active lease/rental agreement dated within the year, along with a copy of the first payment and a current utility bill in your name.
  3. For students who were not born in the United States, the original passport and visa need to be presented during the registration process.
  4. Medical requirements:
    • Immunization records (in English) that meet the mandated Massachusetts Department of Public Health requirements, and
    • Current physical exam (no older than 1 year) signed and dated by the health care provider. Students will not be able to attend school until the medical information is completed.
    • Medical Requirements Checklist
    • Annual Nurse Emergency Form

School Documents – Please click on the links below for information and forms that will facilitate the registration appointment. Please try to complete the information requested in the packets.

This document includes the following:

    1. Student Registration Form
      • Student Information
      • Parent/Guardian Information
      • Sibling Information
      • Emergency Notification
      • Doctor Information
      • Previous School Information
      • Student Educational Information
    2. Home Language Survey
    3. Emergency Dismissal Consent (Pre-K-8)
    4. Photograph and Video Consent Notification and Waiver Form
    5. Authorization Form for Student Records

Due to the realities of homelessness and mobility, students in transition may not have enrollment documents available. Nonetheless, the district will immediately enroll any child or youth in transition. Enrollment may not be denied or delayed due to lack of any document normally required for enrollment. Families/students experiencing homelessness or any transition, including unaccompanied youth, should contact The Office of Student Services at 781-786-5240 for additional information and resources.

New Student Registration Form (printable document)

New Student Registration Form (online registration)  (FOLLOW UP REQUIRED – This online form alone does NOT Register your student in the Weston Public Schools. You MUST call for an appointment with the school and bring in required documentation.

Residency Requirements
Occupancy Statement/Affidavit
Residency Statement/Affidavit (for those who lease or rent)
Intent to Reside Form
Census Form

Additional Instructions for students entering Weston High School
Additional Instructions for students entering Weston Middle School

Residency Form Requirements

Occupancy Statement Residency Statement Intent to Reside Form
Currently Own in Weston click to download Occupancy Statement
Currently Lease in Weston click to download Occupancy Statement click to download Residency Statement
Moving to Weston * Click to download Intent to Reside Statement

*Refer to Footnote 1 on Page 2 of the Residency Requirements document for additional information regarding registering a student before moving to the Town.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, we will gladly assist you during your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting with the registration process of your child(ren) in Weston Public Schools.  Again, welcome to our school community!