Our vision for educational excellence is: classrooms in which students and teachers are jointly engaged in challenging and creative learning and where each student is known, supported and appreciated.
– Dr. Cheryl Maloney, Former Superintendent

Collaboration, Coaching, and Feedback

In 2012 The Weston Public Schools implemented a new supervision model after two years of collaborative committee work with a team of faculty and administration. What emerged was a dynamic model providing ongoing feedback to teachers on the full range of their professional work in Weston.

The vision for the model was guided by shared values about essential goals of strong coaching toward excellence:

  • Frequent quality feedback
  • Written and verbal coaching
  • Teachers actively engaged in the process
  • High standards for current knowledge and practice

The Weston Supervision Model is now heading into its tenth year of implementation during this 2021-2022 school year. Teachers receive frequent and continual feedback and share in discussion with supervisors about their classrooms, student performance data, and targeted personal goals for areas of interest and new learning.

The model is grounded in frequent classroom visits across the span of the year with short summaries of immediate feedback to guide teacher work while it is relevant and current.  Teaching is a complex and subtle craft, so receiving feedback in smaller shorter amounts throughout the year helps to support responsive teaching.

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