Weston School Committee

The Weston School Committee is a legislative body comprised of five members elected for three-year terms at the Town Election in May, whose primary responsibility is to:

The School Committee is responsible for setting priorities (through the budget) and for establishing local policy to ensure that the schools are properly run in accordance with state law and regulations.

Contact: SchoolCommittee@Weston.org


School Committee Member Term Expires Contact Info
Anita Raman 2022 RamanA@weston.org
Alyson Muzila 2023 MuzilaA@weston.org
Attia Linnard 2024 LinnardA@weston.org


Kenneth Newberg 2024 NewbergK@weston.org404-791-0577
Danielle Black 2022 BlackD@Weston.org


On June 6, 2021, Committee Chair Ms. Anita Raman and Committee Members confirmed subcommittee assignments. Please note that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list and members may serve on additional subcommittees in the future. Please feel free to contact schoolcommittee@weston.org with any questions.

  • Mr. Newberg will serve on the budget subcommittee, WEEFC, and Permanent Building Committee (PBC). 
  • Ms. Muzila will serve on the sustainability subcommittee, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, and Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). 
  • Ms. Linnard will serve on the PTO and the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee, as well as supporting the DEI committee.
  • Ms. Black will serve on all upcoming collective bargaining teams for union negotiations
    • Other members are each expected to serve on one or two of those teams as well

Click here for School Committee Subcommittees & Assignments as of March 2021. 


Budget information is available on the Finance and Operations page

Policy Manual

The Policy Manual underwent a complete revision and was approved in its entirety in November 2011.  Policies are also revised as needed.  All sections of the manual are currently undergoing a complete review.  To learn more, visit the School Committee’s Policy Menu page.


The School Committee meets on Monday nights approximately twice a month from September to June at 7:00 PM at Case House.  Visit the Meeting Information & Procedures page for more information.


The Weston Education Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC) is a permanent sub-committee of the School Committee.  One member of the School Committee serves on the WEEFC Board.  Click here for additional information regarding WEEFC.


The School Committee hires the Superintendent to oversee the daily operations in the schools with the help of an administrative staff. In order to act on policy matters and to evaluate, in a general sense, the overall functioning of the school system, the Committee asks the administrative staff to do a variety of tasks involving data collection and analyses and to make recommendations where appropriate.

The Administrative Council consists of the Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, Director of Student Services, Director of Information Technology and School Libraries, and the Principals of each of the five schools.

Student Advisory Council

In addition, Massachusetts law requires that school committees meet at least once every other month during the school year with a student advisory committee, which consists of five members elected by the high school student body.  The five members shall, by majority vote, elect from their number a chairperson who will serve for a one-year term.  That chairperson also serves as as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the school committee.  Dellena Bereket served as student member for 2020-21; the student member for 2020-2021 is Ryan Wims.  The meetings of the School Committee and Student Advisory Council (SAC) are open to the public and are generally held on the second Thursday of each month, September through May, from 8:00-8:30 AM. Email BriskyC@weston.org for meeting details.

METCO Representative

In addition to the five elected members and student,  a non-voting METCO Representative to the School Committee, is elected annually by the Boston/Weston METCO Parents Organization. Keitrice Johnson and Onika Jenkins currently share service in this role on an alternating basis.