Policy Manual

Massachusetts law requires that school committees “establish educational goals and policies for the schools in the district consistent with the requirements of law and statewide goals and standards established by the board of education.” Weston’s School Committee Policy Manual was last comprehensively revised in 2011, with some updates since. A similar effort to update the manual, launched in 2021, was initially led by a specialized policy-review subcommittee; however, as of May 2023, the task now falls under the governance subcommittee. Mr. Lucas and Mr. Newman are currently serving on the Governance subcommittee. Please contact schoolcommittee@weston.org or school committee chair Ms. Cirulis-Gooch with general policy questions.

Updated 4.28.22

Policy BA School Committee Operational Goals

        Policy BAA Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures

Policy BBA School Committee Power and Duties

Policy BBAA School Committee Member Authority

Policy BBBA/BBBB Qualifications/Oath of Office

Policy BBBC School Committee Member Resignation

Policy BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment

Policy BBBH METCO Representative to the Weston School Committee

         Policy BCA School Committee Code of Conduct

Policy BCB Committee Member Conflicts of Interest

Policy BDA School Committee Organizational Meeting

Policy BDB Committee Officers

Policy BDD School Committee-Superintendent Relationship

Policy BDE Subcommittees of the School Committee

Policy BDF Advisory Committees to the School Committee

Policy BDFA School Councils

Exhibit 1 – School Improvement Plan

Exhibit 2 Submission and Approval of the School Improvement Plan

Exhibit 3 Conduct of School Council Business

Policy BDG School Attorney

Policy BE School Committee Meetings

Policy BEC Executive Sessions

Policy BEDA Notification of School Committee Meetings

Policy BEDB ,Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

Policy BEDC Quorum

Policy BEDF Voting Method

Policy BEDG Minutes

Policy BEDH Public Comment at School Committee Meetings

Policy BEDH-E Guidelines for Public Comment 

Policy BEE Special Procedures for Conducting Public Hearings

Policy BG School Committee Policy Development

Policy BGB Policy Adoption

Policy BGC Policy Revision and Review

Policy BGD School Committee Review of Procedures

Policy BGE Policy Dissemination

Policy BGF Suspension of Policies

Policy BHC(also GBD) School Committee-Staff Communications

Policy BHE Social Media Use By School Committee

Policy BIA New School Committee Member Orientation

Policy BIBA School Committee Conferences, Conventions, Workshops

Policy BID School Committee Member Compensation and Expenses

Policy EB Safety Program

Policy EBAB Pest Management Policy

Policy EBB First Aid

Policy EBBB Accident Reports

Policy EBC Emergency Plans

Policy EBCAA Fire Prevention

Policy EBCB Fire Drills

Policy EBCD Emergency Closings

Policy EC Buildings and Grounds Management

Policy ECA School Buildings and Grounds Security

Policy ECAC Vandalism

Policy ECAD Security Cameras

Policy ECE Traffic and Parking on School and Recreation Property

Policy ECE-R Traffic and Parking Regulations

        Policy ECG Drones, Remote-Controlled Cars, Boats, and Aircraft on School Property

Policy EDB Material Resources Management

Policy EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

Policy EEA EEAA EEAC Student Transportation Services

Regulations:  EEA-R EEAA-R EEAC-Student Transportation (Bus Scheduling & Routing)

Policy EEAE School Bus Safety

Policy EEAE-E Operating and Safety Rules for Bus Drivers – issued by Weston Police Dept

Policy EEAEA Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

Policy EEAEC Transportation Conduct and Discipline

Policy EEAEF Motor Vehicle Idling on School Grounds

Policy EEAG Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

Policy EEAH Student Transportation Insurance

Policy EEBA Multi-Function School Activity Vehicle Use Policy 

Policy EF Food Services Management

Regulation:  EF-R Special Events Food Services Management

Policy EFAB Food Allergies

Food Allergy Guidelines Secondary 06.15.17

Food Allergy Guidelines Elementary 06.05.17

Policy EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services

Policy EGAD Policy and Procedures Concerning Preparation and Release of Copyrightable Material

PLEASE NOTE THAT MANY (NOT ALL) OF THESE POLICIES WERE UPDATED BY THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE ON 11.7.22 AND 11.29.22. Others including IHA and many sub-policies of IJ remain in place until future notice.

Policy IA Instructional Goals 11-29-22

Policy IB Academic Freedom 11-7-22

Policy IC-ICA School Year-School Calendar 11-7-22

        Policy ID School Day 11-7-22

Policy IGA Curriculum Development 11-29-22

        Policy IGB Student Service Programs 11-7-22

Policy IGD Curriculum Adoption 11-29-22

Policy IHA Basic Instructional Program (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Policy IHAM Health Education 11-7-22

Regulation Policy IHAM-R Health Education (Exemption Procedure) 11-7-22

Policy IHAMA Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education 11-7-22

Policy IHAMB Teaching about Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs 11-7-22

Policy IHB Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations 11-7-22

Policy IHBA Programs for Students with Disabilities 11-29-22

       Policy IHBAA Observation of Special Education Programs 11-29-22

        Policy IHBD Title I Funds 11-7-22

Policy IHBEA English Learners 11-29-22

Policy IHBF Homebound Instruction 11-29-22

Policy IHBG Home Schooling 11-7-22

       Policy IHBG-R Home Schooling 11-7-22

Policy IIB, Class Size 11-7-22

Policy IJ Instructional Materials 11-7-22

Regulations Policy IJ-R Reconsideration of Instructional Resources (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Policy IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Policy IJLA Library Resources (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Policy IJND Student Appropriate Use Policy of Information Technology Resources (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Regulation Policy IJND-R Student Appropriate Use Policy of Information Technology Resources (STILL UNDER REVIEW)

Policy IJOA Field Trips 11-7-22

        Policy IJOAA/GBEBD Alcohol Consumption on Trips 11-7-22

Policy IJOB Community Resource Persons-Speakers 11-7-22

Policy IJOC School Volunteers 11-7-22

Policy IK Student Progress Reports to Parents/Guardians 11-29-22

         Policy IKB Homework 11-29-22

          Policy IKE Promotion and Retention of Students 11-29-22

        Policy IKF High School Graduation and Physical Education Requirements 

Policy IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs 11-29-22

        Policy ILD Educational Surveys and Research 11-7-22

        Policy IMA Teaching Activities/Presentations 11-7-22

Policy IMB Teaching about Controversial Issues-Controversial Speakers 11-7-22

Policy IMD School Ceremonies and Observances 11-7-22

Policy JA Goals of Student Policies

Policy JB Equal Educational Opportunities

         Policy JBD Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students 

  (Administrative Procedural Guidelines) JBD-R Implementation of Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students 

Policy JCA Assignment of Students to Schools

Policy JEB Entrance Age

Policy JF.JFA.JFAB.JFABB Admission of Students to the Weston Public Schools (Residence Policy)

Policy JFABD Homeless Students – Enrollment Rights and Services

Policy JFABE Students of Military Families – Educational Opportunities

Policy JFABF Students in Foster Care – Educational Opportunities

Policy JFBB School Choice

Policy JFBBA Enrollment of Interdistrict  Transfer Students (Enrollment in METCO Program)

Policy JH Student Absences and Excuses

Policy JHCB Religious Absence

Policy JHD Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

Policy JI Student Rights and Responsibilities

Policy JIB Student Involvement in Decisionmaking

Policy JIC Student Discipline

Policy JICCA Emergency Student Bus Discipline Procedure

Policy JICE Student Publications

Policy JICF Gang Activities – Secret Societies

Policy JICFA Prohibiiton of Hazing

Policy JICFB Bullying Prevention

Policy JICH Alcohol Tobacco and Drug Use by Students

Policy JICHA School Policies on Drug Use

Policy JICHB Alcohol Consumption on School Approved Trips or Travel

Policy JIE Pregnant Students

Policy JIH Searches and Interrogations

Policy JJ Co-Curricular and Interscholastic Programs

Policy JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities

Policy JJF/DFH Student Activity Accounts

Policy JJH Student Travel

Regulations – Policy JJH-R Student Travel

Policy JJIB Interscholastic Athletics

Policy JJIBA Adding or Dropping A Sport

Policy JJIF Concussion Management Policy

Policy JJIF-R Sports Related Concussion-MTBI Protocol

Policy JK Student Conduct

Policy JKA Corporal Punishment

Policy JKAA Physical Restraint of Students

Policy JL Student Welfare

Policy JLA Student Insurance Program

Policy JLC Student Health Services and Requirements

Policy JLCA Physical Examinations of Students

Policy JLCAA Growth and Development Screenings

Regulations – Policy JJCAA-R Growth and Development Screenings

Policy JLCB Immunization of Students

Policy JLCC Communicable Diseases

Policy JLCD Administering Medicines to Students

Policy JLCDA Possession of Asthma Inhalers and Epi-Pens

Policy JM Student Awards and Scholarships

Policy JN Student Volunteers for School and Public Service

Policy JP Student Gifts and Solicitations

Policy JRA Student Records

Policy JRD Student Photographs

Frequently Requested Policies


The Weston School Committee supports the limited use of video cameras on Weston Public Schools property for the purpose of enhancing school safety and security. Our goals are to promote and foster a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for students and staff, to ensure public safety for community members who visit or use our school property, and diminish the potential for personal and district loss or destruction of property.

Camera Placement

Security cameras shall be installed in public areas only. These areas include grounds, parking areas, athletic areas, and exterior entrances or exits to school buildings. Restrooms, changing rooms, private offices, classrooms, nurse’s offices and locker rooms are excluded from security camera use. Security camera usage is prohibited in any space where there is a reasonable expectation for privacy. No sound is to be monitored or recorded in connection with the video surveillance system.

Signage and Notification

Appropriate signage will be posted to notify students, staff and the general public of the Weston Public Schools’ use of security cameras. Students and staff will receive additional notification at the beginning of the school year regarding the use of security cameras on school grounds. Such notification will include, but not be limited to, employee handbooks and student handbooks.

Access to Video Recordings

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her expressly authorized designee shall oversee video surveillance. Any video recordings made for security purposes pursuant to this policy are the sole property of the Weston Public Schools. The Weston Public Schools security cameras will be in operation throughout the year.

Recorded information will be available subject to applicable law and only with the approval of the Superintendent or his/her expressly authorized designee for use as necessary by appropriate school officials or law enforcement personnel. There will be no monitoring of live recordings, except in the case of routine maintenance, investigation of an alarm condition, or a suspected health, safety, or security emergency.  Recordings will be reviewed only when a suspected incident has occurred. Information obtained through video surveillance may only be used for identifying persons attempting to enter the school buildings, or investigating violations of student/staff conduct, suspected vandalism or other illegal activity, or any activity that may threaten the safety or security of students or staff.

Data Storage

All video recording are stored in a secure place to avoid tampering and to ensure confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Recordings will be saved for a period of time consistent with state law and the Weston Public Schools’ record retention policies, after which all recordings will be appropriately deleted.

Bullying Prevention Policy (Policy JICFB) Reviewed and revised October 2017

Prohibition of Hazing (Policy JICFAReviewed and revised October 2017