Start Time/Scheduling Innovation Steering Committee

The Start Time/Scheduling Innovation Steering Committee is undertaking a broad review of the student experience in the Weston Public Schools related to student health and emotional well-being, including start times, schedules, course offerings, homework and student stress.

The Steering Committee is co-chaired by School Committee members John Henry and Ed Heller, and includes Superintendent Midge Connolly; Assistant Superintendents Pamela Bator, Abbie Lareau and Cynthia Mahr; Principals Jen Faber (Woodland School), Anthony Parker (High School), and John Gibbons (Middle School); Faculty members David Poras (Middle School Math Teacher), and Kerry Dunne (High School History Teacher and Department Head); and Parents Denise Joutras, Kathleen Mortimer, Vicky Rakov, Julie Townsend, and Mark Wurbel.

The Steering Committee has been meeting twice monthly since January 2017 to research, discuss and begin developing a multi-phase plan to implement improvements to the school day.  The first phase of the Steering Committee’s work is focusing on the potential benefits of a later start time for the Middle School and High School.

The Steering Committee expects to host presentations and focus groups for parents, faculty, and community members in the fall and winter of 2017-2018.

Click here for links to resources about adolescent sleep and school start times.

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