Woodland is one of two Pre-K to Grade 3 schools serving the Town of Weston, Massachusetts.  Along with our sister elementary school, we are located on Alphabet Lane, close to the center of Weston, the town library and the Senior Center.  We are proud to share several views of our school, as well as samples of our students’ work, linked to the main page of this site.  Additionally, we have included curricular pages for each grade level and academic discipline to explain more specifics of our academic program. Here, we would like to provide you with some insight into the overarching goals and beliefs that guide our school community in its work.

On a regular basis, our Woodland halls and classrooms bubble with the excitement of learning.  Woodland is a place where children are encouraged to wonder about the world around them, to make sense of patterns they notice and to share their thoughts respectfully with one another.  Our teachers are adept at instructing children in the initial skills that will ensure their success as learners, including a focus on self-reflection and strategic approaches to solving all kinds of problems.  More importantly, we recognize that to be life-long learners, our children need to develop a sense of higher purpose, the instinct to ask good questions, and the ability to synthesize thought and skills creatively.  Our teachers and staff model these attributes, and our children find many ways to demonstrate their own growth in becoming true learners. In the process, we all reaffirm the joy children naturally find in learning new things and in sharing that process with like-minded souls.

Our children also learn to live, work and play productively together. We believe that a strong early childhood education includes specific attention to developing social-emotional skills. Additional groups conducted by our adjustment counselor further support teachers in establishing a welcoming classroom environment and providing children with opportunities to develop productive relationships with both children and adults.

We strongly believe that our school offers a warm, collaborative learning experience for our children where each child feels empowered as a member of a vibrant, enthusiastic community of thinkers and creators.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you return often to see what our children have been doing!

Woodland School

10 Alphabet Lane

Weston, MA 02493