As Woodland’s School Adjustment Counselor, you may find me facilitating lunch groups with students, helping in a classroom, consulting with a teacher, or meeting with parents. I am also the chairperson for our SST (Student Support Team), which meets weekly to brainstorm strategies to support the academic and social/emotional needs of students.

All classrooms at Woodland School use the Open Circle curriculum, a comprehensive social and emotional learning program that supports children in developing the skills needed to be good learners as well as form healthy, positive relationships with people throughout their lives. Research has shown that teaching social and emotional skills leads to improved academic achievement, as well as the development of critical thinking ability.

Lesson topics include being a good listener, including one another, understanding feelings, teasing, recognizing differences among people, problem solving, and more. At each grade level, the program addresses the same core concepts in ways that are specifically designed to be developmentally appropriate for that age group. The same Open Circle language is used in the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, playground, etc. Click here to visit Open Circle’s website.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

School Adjustment Counselor:  Carrie Dyball 


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Special Education Aide:  Suzanna Clendenin


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