Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a short-term early literacy intervention for first grade students having difficulty learning to read and write.  For an average of 12–20 weeks, children receive daily, one-to-one instruction from a specially trained teacher.  The goal is for children to accelerate their development of reading and writing strategies.

Reading Recovery is a regular education supplement to a good classroom program.  During the intervention most children increase their rate of progress so that they are able to work independently within their classrooms.  Weston Public Schools has been offering this research-based early literacy program since 1999.

Reading Recovery began in Massachusetts in 1990 and has served around 30,000 students.  In March 2007, the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) released an independent review of the research on 153 early reading interventions.  Reading Recovery was found to be the only intervention that has positive effects across all four literacy domains:

•    general reading achievement
•    alphabetic skills  (phonics, phonological awareness, and letter identification)
•    comprehension
•    fluency