Letter From Principal Dimen

Hello Parents and Families, 

We’ve hit our stride at Woodland, completing our first full week of school last week. Learning and teaching stamina are building up in the Woodland community! 

Below are information and reminders on a few things and details for BTSN:

BTSN (Back to School Night!)

We can’t wait to see you this Thursday, September 22, 2022! A reminder that this night is meant for adults, so if at all possible, please come without children. However, I understand that childcare is difficult to arrange in some cases, so please come no matter the case. I especially urge parents/guardians who are not usually able to attend daytime events to come and see the school and your child(ren)’s classroom and hear about their daily experience from their teacher. Here are the details: 

  • 5:45pm-6:00pm Student Services Providers in the Library
  • 6:00-6:40 Preschool/Kindergarten/Grade 1
  • 6:45-6:55 Principal Address in the Gym
  • 7:00-7:40 Grade 2 and Grade 3

If your child receives Student Services support (Individual Education Plan, English Language Education, Medical or 504 accommodations) and you’re interested in meeting their service providers, please come to the Woodland Library at 5:45pm until 6:00pm. This time is meant for meeting and greeting, not for individual conferences. 

At 6:00pm, Grade 1 teachers will be presenting their curriculum as a team in our cafeteria. So please go there first if you have a first grader. If your child is in Preschool or Kindergarten, please head directly to their classroom for individual teacher presentations. 

At 6:45, I invite everyone to the gym for a quick welcome and introduction of our Specialist Teachers and Counseling Faculty members. I’ll also say a few words about myself and my hopes and dreams for Woodland School this year. 

At 7:00pm, Grade 2 teachers will be presenting their curriculum as a team in our cafeteria. So please go there first if you have a second grader. If your child is in Grade 3, please head directly to their classroom for individual teacher presentations. 


If you drive your child to school, this is a friendly reminder to practice with your child on getting out of the car upon arriving at school. You should not have to get out of your car to assist them. We are building up their independence throughout the day and this is one aspect we could use your help with. Please have their backpacks at their feet or on them as you pull into the circle so they can exit the car on their own and the traffic can flow smoothly. Also, please remember to pull right up to the corner if your car is the first to drop off or keep pulling up until the circle is filled with cars. A staff member will let you know when to let out your child. 


An exciting opportunity for Third Grade students is to attend after school programming!  Here is the general information for our available after school programs:

Orchestra will take place on Thursdays from 2:20-3:15 led by Mrs.Colleen MacDonald. This starts in mid-October. Mrs. MacDonald had previously sent a sign-up form to 3rd Grade households and will give update you on the first day of rehearsals if your child has signed up. 

After-school Sports will take place on Mondays from 2:20 to 3:15 led by Mrs. Amy Chartier and Mr. Kyle Hawk. This program starts on October 3. For more information and if you are interested, please fill out this sign up form. At the moment, this sign up is for Woodland School only. Country School’s start date is yet to be determined. 

Late Bus Transportation is provided for the after school programs above. Please fill out this  Elementary School Late Bus Form if your child needs it. The Transportation Department must collect information for all students who are planning on taking the late bus in order to create effective late bus routes. There will be two available routes, North Bus and a South Bus, for the late buses for Weston resident students and one bus for Boston resident students.  


Nurse Joanna Sudmyer will be conducting hearing and vision screenings for your children beginning the week of September 25th. If your child wears glasses please be sure to pack them for school. If you do not want your child to participate please email Nurse Jo (sudmyerj@weston.org)

Thank you for your continued support and generosity as members of our school community. I look forward to seeing you all at Back to School Night!


Jason Dimen


Woodland School