The WHS Penny Wars fundraiser generated a total of $1,730.11 for the METCO program and the sophomore class thanks to donations collected at the high school cafeteria and a $1,000 contribution from the Weston branch Cambridge Trust Company.

Lynne Linnehan and Andrea Cope, branch managers of the bank, met with WHS principal Anthony Parker, METCO director La Toya Rivers, and director of student activities Adam Atherton on Friday January 30 at the Weston branch for a presentation of funds after the bank counted the coins and bills collected.

“In an effort to create more school spirit and support the METCO program, who recently experienced a cut in funding, I came up with this idea of the Penny Wars,” said Atherton.

According to Atherton, the Penny Wars ran from the beginning of December to the first week in January.

The bank’s contribution, along with half the funds raised by the high school, was allocated to the METCO program, while the other half of the $730.11 was awarded to the sophomore class for contributing the most pennies to the fundraiser.

“We got the request from Mr. Atherton, telling us about the project. The bank thought it was a great cause, and we are always looking to support the local community and the METCO program,” said Cope. “The bank is involved with the Rotary Club of Wayland-Weston, and we support many other organizations in the school as well — the Special Olympics and the Jimmy Fund.”