Planning Team: Strategic Objectives, Initiatives, Mission, and Vision

At the most recent Planning Team meeting, Dr. Connolly shared a draft of the strategic objectives and strategic initiatives that will form the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan. With our Planning for Success consultant, Lori Likis, the balance of the workshop focused on developing a set of drafts: a mission statement, a vision statement, a set of core values, and community outreach. The next months will be used to refine these drafts.

What is the difference between a Strategic Objective and a Strategic Initiative? What is the difference between a Mission and a Vision? What are Core Values? 

The definitions used by Planning for Success ( are as follows:

Mission: Why we (Weston Public Schools) exist.

Vision: What we value and why, and what future success will look like.

Strategic Objective: Overarching goals that will achieve the vision. 

Strategic Initiative: The projects and programs that support and will achieve the strategic objectives.