Test of Communication Systems conducted October 10

Dear Weston School Community,

We are conducting a test of our communication systems.  This message is part of that test. You will receive as many as three email messages–one from each of our three communication systems.  Additionally, you may receive an SMS text message and a voice call.

This message was sent from the: District Update

Parent/Guardians should receive the following:

  • An Email from the District Update Newsletter
  • An Email from the Student information system- only if you are the parent/guardian of a current student in our schools
  • An Email from our Emergency communication system
  • An SMS Text Message
  • A voice call

Students in grades 9 to 12 should receive:

  • An Email from our Student information system

Everyone else: Community Members, Coaches, Grandparents, anyone who self-subscribed to the District of a school-based website Newsletter should receive:

  • One Email from our Website Newsletter system

Action Item: After 6:00pm, please complete only one response form to let us know what communications you did, or did not, receive.  If you want to make a change to the email address used for your contact information, please follow these instructions.

Important details:

Phone calls:  These days we all receive SPAM robocalls and many people have subscribed to services to block such calls.  Please note that our emergency calling system is indeed a robocall and may get blocked. Action Item: If you have a call-blocking service, please unblock 781 786-5200 (School’s number) and 781 786-5000 (Weston Town’s number) to ensure you receive important information from us.

Email: Please check your SPAM folder prior to submitting a missing communication message in our survey. Also, for Gmail users, don’t forget to check your “Updates” folder.

Tip: Our emergency SMS text messages are sent from ‘shortcodes’, which are five or six-digit numbers.  If you create a contact file in your mobile phone with the name of “Weston Alert” and list these numbers (226787, 67283, 78015, 81437, 22911 and 77295) in that single contact file, click here for a screenshot, then when you get a text message from us, it will have a contact Name of “Weston Alert” instead of just a nondescript five or six-digit number.

We are sending these messages to ensure our systems are in sync and working as designed.  We appreciate your assistance in this matter.


Dr. Lee McCanne
Director of Technology and School Libraries
Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston


This message was sent at 3:00pm Thursday, October 10