School Committee Office Hours (Policy Review)

Dear school community members,

The school committee will be holding two sets of office hours next week. The first will be at 9:00am on Tuesday 2/15/2021 for general school committee business, and the second will be at 8:00pm on Thursday 2/17 dealing exclusively with updates to the school committee policies as part of the work of the policy review subcommittee.

Click here to join the Zoom:  Meeting ID: 830-8403-2358       Passcode: officehour

The policy review subcommittee office hours on Thursday 2/17 will be an opportunity for community members to offer comments and ask questions about proposed updates to Section A and Section B of the school committee policy manual. The policy review process being completed in partnership with the MA Association of School Committees is expected to take 1-2 years.

The subcommittee will be offering periodic public comment periods held prior to official votes on proposed changes to district policies. Please contact for the most up to date drafts of new or revised policies.

Policy Section A (Foundations) was first reviewed by the full school committee on 11/8/21 and Policy Section B (School Committee) was first reviewed by the full school committee on 1/10/22. Votes to adopt changes to both sections are expected in March 2022. All future office hours (policy-focused and general) will be posted to the district calendar along with other events.

Thank you for your interest.