Strategic Planning and Visioning Calendar

The process began in the spring of 2017 when the Administrative Team met with our consultant, Lori Likis, from Planning for Success. The tables below provide an outline of the work completed and the work that will be completed over the next several months.

Activity Date
Admin Retreat 1: SWOT analysis; envisioning the future April 7 
Admin Retreat 2: District data to analyze; the planning process May 2
Leadership Academy: Planning process; envisioning the future August 29
Admin Retreat 3:  Review of work to date; Supt. entry findings; planning process design Sept 12
Admin Retreat 4: District leaders present data for review and discussion Sept 26
Planning Team Retreat 1:  Planning process; role of Planning Team; envisioning the future; community engagement Oct 5
Admin and Planning Team members conduct visioning   By Oct 20
Admin Retreat 5: Root cause analysis Oct 24
Planning Team Retreat 2: Synthesize vision feedback for common themes, questions 1 & 3; identify first draft objectives Nov 1
Admin Retreat 6: Synthesize vision feedback for common themes, question 2  Nov 14
Admin Retreat 7:  Draft strategic initiatives Nov 28
Planning Team Retreat 3: Review strategic objectives and initiatives; draft vision statement Dec 6
Admin Retreat 8:  Draft outcome measures Dec 12
Admin Retreat 9: Set targets for outcome measures Jan 23
Planning Team Retreat 4: Conduct quality plan review and refine plan as necessary; finalize community feedback process Feb 6
Admin Retreat 10: Review final plan revisions and community feedback process (if necessary) TBD
Plan completion  Mid Feb