MCAS Assessment and Accountability Results, 2018

Next week parents and guardians will be receiving their children’s MCAS scores, which includes results from the next-generation MCAS tests (MCAS 2.0) that were administered in English Language Arts and Mathematics for grades 3-8 last spring. 2018 is the last year of the legacy MCAS that was administered to fifth grade, eighth grade, and ninth/tenth grade students in Science & Technology/Engineering and to tenth grade students in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Next spring, all MCAS exams will be computer-based and next-generation.

Please review the MCAS report carefully. DESE has made many resources available to parents and guardians on the MCAS parent page (  Furthermore, there is MCAS information on the Resources Page of the Weston website.  These are great places to consult if you have general questions about the MCAS or your child’s report. If you have any specific questions about your child’s MCAS scores, please connect with your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or principal. We will be happy to help you.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released 2018 assessment and accountability results last week. Along with the next-generation tests is a new accountability system that factors in achievement and growth for all students, achievement and growth for our lowest performing students, high school completion rates, English learners’ progress toward proficiency, rates of chronic absenteeism, and completion rates of advanced coursework in high school. DESE has rated the Weston Public Schools with an overall criterion-referenced target percentage of 83%, comfortably within the “Meeting Targets” category. Furthermore, the five schools have overall criterion-referenced target percentages ranging from 81% to 100%, all falling within the “Meeting Targets” category.

Collectively, our scores are excellent and our growth is strong. However, there remain areas in need of improvement. We will continue to work hard to close achievement gaps and maximize the number of students meeting or exceeding grade level expectations. We also will be focusing on reducing the number of chronically absent students within our school district.

For detailed information about Weston’s MCAS scores and accountability status, please consult and search for Weston Public Schools.

There will be a formal presentation focusing on MCAS assessment and accountability results at the School Committee Meeting on Monday November 5th, 7:00 p.m., in the large conference room at Case House.

J. Kimo Carter, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
October 5, 2018