Communications Test – Message to Parents & Guardians

On Monday, October 22nd, at about 6:30 pm we will be testing our emergency calling system. We request your participation to ensure everyone is being contacted properly.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The contact information that we use to populate our emergency communications systems comes from our Student Information System; Infinite Campus.*
  • For this test call, we will send:
    • A voice message to the household landline
    • Each parent/guardian’s mobile number
    • An SMS text message to each mobile number
    • An email to each parent/guardian’s email address.

Follow-up Task: On Monday, October 22nd, by about 8:30pm**

  • If you received all the communications– No Action Required .
  • If you did not receive any or only some of these communications, please use this online form to let us know the details.

Excruciating but important details:

Phone calls:  These days we all receive SPAM robo-calls and many people have subscribed to services to block such calls.  Please note that our emergency calling system is indeed a robo-call and may get blocked. [Action Item] If you have a call blocking service, please unblock 781 786-5200 (School’s number) and 781 786-5000 (Weston Town’s number) to ensure you receive important information from us .

Email: Our alert email can also get caught in SPAM filters.  We send out thousands of email alert messages and this behavior is one indication major providers use to identify SPAM.  If people mark these alert messages as SPAM in their mail, then email providers (Google, Yahoo. etc) pick up these user settings and are more likely to block our alert messages to everyone.  If you did not get our email, search your SPAM or Junk folders and mark them as ‘not SPAM’ and/or ‘not junk’.

Tip:  Our emergency SMS text messages are sent from ‘short codes’, which are five or six digit numbers.  If you create a contact file in your mobile phone with the name of “Weston Alert” and list these numbers (226787, 67283, 78015, 81437, 22911 and 77295) in that single contact file, click here for a screen shot, then when you get a text message from us, it will have a contact Name of “Weston Alert” instead of just a non-descript five or six digit number.

Lee McCanne, Ed.D.
Director of Technology & School Libraries
Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston

*This information was provided by you and is carried forward year-to-year.  If this information changes you will need to update that information using your Infinite Campus Portal access. If the necessary information is not in Infinite Campus, then we will not be able to contact you using the emergency call system.

**The vast majority of alerts are delivered very quickly but the system will continue to retry any failed messages until they are successful or timeout.