School From Home Information (March 18, 2020)

March 18th, 2020


Dear Families,

Weston’s School from Home starts tomorrow and we are eager to get started! As of now, the web sites are open and accessible. Here are the links to our elementary site, School From Home Program GK-G5, and our secondary site, School From Home Program G6-G12.

Teachers will upload their welcome letters and their first day of lessons by 9:00 tomorrow morning. Here are some more specifics about getting started:

Elementary School: Please expect an email from your principal this evening that gives information on how to prep your device for Seesaw or Google Classroom. 

For Seesaw users (grades K-2; grade 3 at Woodland), please expect an additional email from your teacher tomorrow morning between 8:00 and 9:00 that will have individual sign-in codes for students and instructions to sign into the classroom with a family account.

For Google Classroom users (grade 3 at Country; grades 4-5), if you haven’t gotten an email already, please expect communication from your teacher this evening or tomorrow morning that outlines steps to login to Google Classroom. If for any reason that your student doesn’t have access to their username and password, please email your child’s teacher.

Middle School and High School: Students can log into their Google Classroom accounts and navigate to their classes tomorrow morning.

High School: Tomorrow is Day 8 of the High School rotation. All welcome letters will be posted to teachers’ Google Classrooms, but only lessons from classes scheduled on Day 8 will be up tomorrow. Lessons for Friday’s Day 1 classes will be posted Friday morning.

For all families: If you are unable to connect to Seesaw or Google Classroom, please fill out a Parent Connectivity Form. We will address your issues as quickly as possible. Additionally there are technical support pages on the elementary and secondary websites to address any issue that you may have. Here are the links: K-5  6-12.

We are looking forward to the first day of School from Home tomorrow. Take care and be safe!


All the best,

J.Kimo Carter

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning