COVID Symptom Screening Process

Dear Weston Public School Parent/Guardian,

Protecting the health of our students and staff is paramount to how we have planned school this year.  As we head into the fall we will be adding a daily COVID symptom screening process to give us the best possible chance to identify and prevent the spread of the virus.  Details about this screening can be found here.Please note, this Symptom Screening process will only be implemented for Hybrid students, not RLA families.

The health screening process uses SMS text messaging to push out a web link each morning–allowing you to quickly tap your way through screening questions for the students in your household.  The screening is also sent out via email as a secondary option; see the attached handout for more information about the process.

This is what will be happening over the next two weeks to implement this health screening process.

  1. Preparation: Parents will be asked to verify their mobile phone number used for screening (this email).
  2. Test: A test of the screening process will be scheduled and sent with announcements made via various communication methods.
  3. Soft Implementation: Daily screening will commence with a grace period to work out any challenges.
  4. Implementation: Mandatory screening on the days your student(s) come into the school will be enforced on the date announced.

Preparation:  This process will only work if we have your up-to-date mobile number.  To ensure we can communicate with you, today (Wednesday October 7th) at 5:00pm, we will SMS text you at your mobile (cell) number listed in Infinite Campus.  You should receive the following message:“Weston Public School Test of Mobile Contact Numbers.  No Action Required.

If you received this text message, no further action is required.  If you do not receive it by 6:00pm Wednesday the 7th, please log into Infinite Campus and update the number.  Instructions regarding how you update your mobile number can be found here.  If you cannot access Infinite Campus, or the contact information is correct but you did not receive the test SMS message, please submit a ticket here.

Although the Symptom Screening will only be implemented for Hybrid students, updating contact information, as needed, is important for all parents/guardians and therefore all families will receive the SMS text message.

Thank you for your support and attention to these critical tasks.

Jamy Gaynor, Ed.D., MS, RN, NCSN
Director of Health Services

Lee McCanne, Ed.D.
Director of Technology and School Libraries