Symptom Screening Messages

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Thank you for the feedback about our test SMS text message.  These tests help us discover issues and we believe we have resolved them.

On Tuesday the 13th, at 12:30pm, we will send the parents/guardians of all Cohort A/B students a Symptom Screening SMS text and email message.  This screening request is for you to learn how the process works and test the data we get back from the platform.  This screening data will not be acted on; this is a only test.

Please see this information about Symptom Screening.

The screening will go out at 12:30pm, with a reminder (if not completed) at 1:30pm.

If, by after 2:00 pm on the 13th you did not receive any Screening text message or email (one or the other), submit a trouble ticket for the Symptom Screening platform

Please note: This platform cannot turn off one or the other guardian emails or text messaging for these screenings.

Thank you, this will help us get ready for the next step–a soft launch of the system with daily scheduled symptom screenings in the early mornings.  We will send a message when this will begin, likely around the 14th.


Lee McCanne, Ed.D.

Director of Technology and School Libraries

Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston