WPS Family Pledge

Weston Public Schools Family Pledge To The Health And Safety Of All Of Our Community Members

Family/Student Pledge

As a responsible member of the Weston Public Schools community I pledge to do my best to follow and support all of the policies and procedures listed above.  I promise to demonstrate respect for myself and others by following these eight simple rules: 

  1. Wearing a mask while on school grounds
  2. Maintaining 6 feet of distance between myself and others whenever possible
  3. Washing and sanitizing my hands frequently while in school
  4. Sitting in my assigned seat while in school or riding the bus
  5. Staying home when sick 
  6. Following isolation and quarantine guidance as directed by my Local Board of Health
  7. Using technology appropriately during remote instruction
  8. Notifying my teachers if I need help or additional support

I understand that if I or my child/children do not comply with these health and safety procedures, a remote learning plan will be the course of action.  More detail about each of these items can be found below in the unabridged version.

Parents and students should jointly sign the pledge here.

Thank you for your pledge.


Family Pledge, Unabridged Version


Face Masks

All students are required to wear face masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times with the exceptions of structured mask and snack break.  Masks are one of the single most important measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.  As such, we ask students to comply with the district’s face mask policy to ensure the continuation of in-person learning (special exceptions for students with medical or developmental needs).  

Physical Distancing

Students are expected to maintain 6’ of distance from one another.  When this is not possible, students will maintain the maximum distance available.  Classrooms will be organized with a 6-foot distance between each student and teacher.  Hallways will be either unidirectional or bidirectional to facilitate distancing between students. Distancing will also be enforced during mask breaks, recess whenever possible, and physical education.  We ask that students abide by these distancing guidelines while in the school buildings and on school grounds. 

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Students are expected to comply with frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing routines.  Students will be required to exercise hand hygiene (hand washing or sanitizing) upon arrival to school, before eating, in conjunction with restroom use, in conjunction with mask breaks, and upon dismissal from school.  Hand hygiene with soap and water will be the preferred  method; however, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer may be used in some instances.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be easily available in supervised areas throughout the schools.  

Assigned Seating

When seats are assigned on the bus or in the school, students are expected to adhere to their seating assignment.  Students will be assigned to a single bus and a particular seat.  Assignments will be made on their first trip on the bus.  The first student will go to the farthest seat down and this will be their assigned seat for the upcoming school  year.  Students are not allowed to move their seats once assigned. We ask that students follow the district transportation policy to ensure safety for all those using district transportation during the school year.

No Visitors

No visitors, including parents, are allowed in the schools.  Please call ahead if a need arises to come to the school grounds.  Drop off and dismissal procedures will be highly structured at each school.  Parents are expected to comply with the expectations of remaining in cars, etc.  Student meetings, including  IEP and 504  meetings, will be conducted virtually.  Please refer to the building based safety protocols and weekly school-based updates for more information of dismissal and arrival procedures

Symptom Screener

We will be utilizing a daily symptom screening process to mitigate Covid exposure risk by limiting exposure to symptomatic students and staff in the school setting.  PreK-12 parents will complete a daily, electronic symptom screener which will assist families in the decision making process with regard to school entry.  We ask that families abide by the result (entry approved or denied based on reported symptoms).  This screener will ask several simple questions related to known symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, loss of taste or smell.  The screener does not indicate COVID, rather, it indicates that further interventions and communication with the school and family physician are needed.  We ask that if your child is denied entry to school that you contact your child’s primary care physician or the school nurse for assistance with next steps. 

Stay Home When Sick

Early identification of symptoms combined with active decision making to remain home when sick  are two of the most important things any of us can do to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Our community health relies on individual attention and responsibility.  Many of the Covid-19 symptoms are similar to common illnesses. Please Do Not assume it is another condition.  When in doubt, stay home and follow-up with a primary care provider. 

Students and parents/guardians who have either tested positive for COVID-19 or were identified as a close contact of a COVID positive individual will remain home in compliance with the Local Board of Health and Department of Public Health requirements.  Clearance for school re-entry MUST be obtained by the Board of Health prior to student return to school.  Students identified as close contacts will also remain home in compliance with the Local Board of Health and Department of Public Health requirements.  Clearance for school re-entry MUST be obtained by the Board of Health prior to student return to school.  

As indicated in the WPS COVID-19 Response Protocols, students who become symptomatic at school or are identified with symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will be immediately sent to the nurse’s office for assessment.  If students are assessed to have symptoms consistent with Covid-19, a parent/guardian will be immediately notified and required to pick up the student in a timely manner.  Students who are dismissed in this manner will require either a note from their primary care provider clearing them to return to school, or a negative COVID test in addition to symptom resolution prior to returning to school.  Parents and guardians are asked to contact the school nurse for instructions on next steps.

Out of State Travel

All families are expected to comply with the current Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order requiring quarantine for 14 days or a negative COVID-19 test upon return to Massachusetts from known high risk “red” states or international travel destinations.  In accordance with the order, a Massachusetts Travel Form should be filed.   Please check the Governor’s website for current information.  Students who are unable to provide proof of a negative COVID test upon return will be asked to remain home for 14 days in accordance with the travel order.  


Terms of Remote Learning by Audio and Video Conferencing

By participating in this audio and/or video conferencing service as part of your student’s remote learning plan, you consent to the use of the Remote Learning by Audio and Video Conferencing technology, tools, and services and acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the above requirements and restrictions.

  1.   Students and parents/guardians must not save, record, share, or post these sessions or any copies, recordings, materials, or photographs of/from these sessions.
  1.   Students must treat each other with respect and must follow school rules at all times.   The student code of conduct applies to all remote learning sessions.  Students may be disciplined consistent with the student code of conduct for violating school rules during the sessions.  Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the provided services and programs.
  1. The District reserves the right to remove a student from a session for inappropriate behavior or conduct.
  1. During online instruction, information regarding students and/or their voice, image and writing may be shared with other students (e.g., group chats, shared assignments, video feeds) who are participating in the session.  However, the District takes steps to ensure that student record information in its possession is maintained in accordance with applicable laws.
  1.   The District assumes no liability and makes no representation regarding the quality of the audio or video conferencing service used.
  1. The District has in good faith attempted to ensure that audio and video conferencing platforms that are compliant with FERPA, CIPA, COPPA and all other applicable federal and state laws.  The District will take all reasonable measures to preserve your privacy and the privacy of the student, and each of our educators will continue to maintain the privacy of student record information.  Parents/guardians waive any and all claims against the District related to the use of these third-party vendors to provide audio and/or video conferencing services.
  1.     Parents/guardians and students should be aware that they can be observed by the educator and by other students and may elect to disable the camera feature only after working with their teacher and the administration.

Student Expectations During Remote Learning

 Video Conferencing Protocol

 We will continue to utilize a combination of Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom for video conferencing. 

Student Expectations 

  • Students and teachers will be attending live on camera.  Educators and students can see what you are wearing and your facial expression. Dress appropriately, following school dress codes.  
  • Students are required to have their cameras on during instruction.  (Parents/Guardians can inquire about the process for exceptions via their school guidance counselor.)
  • Students’ full known classroom name will be displayed at all times in the conferencing tool profile.  
  • Proper behavior and participation are expected.  The same rules of conduct for classroom instruction apply to online classroom sessions. Weston Public Schools Responsible Use Guidelines apply to remote learning as do the behavioral expectations outlined in the WPS Student Handbook.
  • Students/Parents/Guardians, may not take photos, screenshots, record any video, or audio, from these conference sessions.  You do not have permission to do so and it is a violation of our Responsible Use Guidelines and potentially state or federal laws.
  • Limit distractions during online learning time. Parents/Guardians should be mindful of what family activities would potentially be heard/seen while students are in a video conference.  
  • Find an appropriate workplace.  Parents, please have your child use their computing tools somewhere near enough so you can monitor them, yet private enough for them to concentrate on their work.
  • Consider wearing headphones or earbuds with an inline microphone.  This will provide you a better privacy and sound quality and interfere less with other in-home activities. 
  • Ask for help from your teacher or guidance counselor.  We all have different experiences in this new virtual world so please reach out if you have trouble accessing or participating in live sessions for any reason.  
  • Never provide the link to live sessions to people not in your class. No one except those in your class are allowed to participate.
  • Cyberbullying of any kind is counter to our Weston Public Schools values and in direct contradiction to the Weston school prevention plan.  Acts of Cyberbullying will be completely investigated and consequences applied, should policy violations be determined.

Digital User Policy

All aspects of the districts’ policy regarding appropriate use of the digital tools pertain.  The policy is available on the district Technology Acceptable Use Policy webpage.