The following is the schedule for Senior Speeches, which are needed for the following events: class day, assembly, overnight and graduation.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 22nd for Speech Sign ups on Sr. Pezzote’s office door.

Friday, April 26th for Speech Submittals to Sr. Pezzote at

Monday, April 29th at 3:15 PM for the Speech Competition in the Principal’s Conference room

sixflags logo

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2019,

Principal Parker has generously offered the seniors a school-sanctioned senior “skip day”.  On Friday, April 26th, the seniors (along with their faculty and parent advisors) will be going to Six Flags in Agawam, MA. The cost of the transportation and the price of admission is $50.  For your convenience, we have included a link to our on-line payment page and the parent consent form: skip day
The students will meet at the high school at 8:30am and we will return by 3:15pm. Just to clarify:
  • Attendance will be taken as seniors board the buses.
  • Students not attending the field trip are expected to be in school and in all classes.
  • Regular attendance rules and consequences are in effect for all seniors not attending the field trip.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Best, Susan, Cristen and Michelle

Click here for Prom Information

Class of 2019 Calendar of Events (Tentative – dates are subject to change)

3/21          Senior “Thank you Notes” working Breakfast (7:30 am)

A senior tradition of writing thank you notes to WHS faculty

3/30          Putting for Patients Fundraiser (12:00 – 3:00)

Senior Car Wash (weather permitting)

TBD            Tickets go on Sale for Graduation Overnight

4/26          Senior Skip Day – Six Flags

4/27          Spring Fling – Senior Dunk Tank

(Rain date: 4/28)

5/18          Pre-Prom Gathering at Weston Golf Club (Seniors & Parents)

Junior Prom – Hyatt Regency Boston

Tickets $130 until 5/3 or 5/4-10 $175

5/6-17       AP Exams

5/10          Last Day of Classes – Senior Boot Breakfast/Ice Cream Social

5/13          Senior Internships Begin

TBD            Wildcat Pride Night – Sr. Athletic Recognition Ceremony

6/4             Last Day of Senior Internships

6/5             Yearbook Signing Breakfast

Weston METCO Senior Appreciation

6/6             Senior Class Day

6/7             GRADUATION

9:00 – 11:30                Graduation Rehearsal

11:30                           Tux Delivery

4:00                             Meet at HS Parking Lot

5:15 – 6:45  Graduation Ceremony

7:00 Graduation Reception

7:30      Graduates Depart Town Hall for Graduation Overnight

6/8             5:00 – 5:30 am            Graduates Return to WHS

posted 3/11/19

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2019 —

Attached is a letter from Marla Schay regarding the “Putting for Patients” Fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, March 30th.  The Class of 2019 has been working for four years to bring awareness to “our class charity” – Dana Farber.  Let’s show our final support to this worthy cause by attending this event and/or donating to the charity directly (link listed below).  Weather permitting, we will be running our last car wash during the Saturday event.  Please bring your cars over to the WHS and encourage you students to participate.  Best regards,  Susan, Cristen and Michelle

Dear WHS parents and guardians,

Statistics show 1-in-3 Americans will face cancer in their lifetime – a staggering fact. Many of us have been personally impacted by those with cancer and several of our Weston students have fought their own battles with the disease. It is especially meaningful this year, as we dedicate our event to the legacy of two Weston students, Ash Baird and Christina Dangond, whose strength and grace throughout their battles with cancer inspires us. We want to celebrate their lives by helping other children in their fight with pediatric cancer.

The Weston High School Class of 2019 and Dana Farber Jimmy Fund Club are dedicated to changing the odds. The club is holding its annual “Putting for Patients” fundraiser on Saturday, March 30th, 12-3pm. We bring an 18-hole mini golf course into the high school gym, and also have face painting, a caricaturist and snacks to make the afternoon a fun family time. The course takes approximately 30 minutes, with the last “tee time” at 2:45.

The students in the club are glad to be able to do a small part to raise awareness of the disease as well as funds for Dana Farber’s research. We encourage you to attend the event and bring your family. If you can’t make it, we hope that you will consider a donation to our effort on our event website: Event proceeds and online donations go directly to The Jimmy Fund.

Thank you for your support!

posted 2/4/19
Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2019 —
The Black and White dance was a huge success.  Many thanks to all the parents that supported the event, specifically Linda Angelucci and Lisa Casey for their amazing and time consuming decorations at the Weston Golf Club.   Also, a big thanks to the students that participated in the Christmas Tree Removal Fundraiser and the parents that allowed them to borrow their trucks.  We picked up over 60 trees and raised $2000 for our two charities, Dana Farber and Build the Faith!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with this great class of just over 200!  As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Susan Garofalo, Michelle Nickerson, and Cristen Tabors

Class of 2019 Parent Advisors email us at:

Yearbook Information!
Please the visit Weston High School Yearbook website for all Yearbook information.

Dear Seniors & Parents,
The yearbook staff is excited to create a great 2019 WHS yearbook.
Yearbooks are now available for purchase.
Go to with code 11608019.
Seniors, you will receive an engraved nameplate for your yearbook.

Please contact Mrs. Brisky at or 781.786.5988 with any questions

Congratulations, Class of 2019
Thanks for your help in making this year’s yearbook the best ever!!

*All photos, quotes and blurbs are subject to review by the yearbook staff and adviser, and may be rejected for inappropriate content without further notice. Submissions received after deadlines will not be included in the yearbook.

Upcoming Events for Class of 2019



Vice President:
Student Advisory Council Rep:
School Committee Representative:
Druhv Sumathi

Kelly Kirk
Tyler Morris
Arda Cataltepe
Jeffrey Beaudoin
Jeffrey Beaudoin
Faculty Advisors:
Jeff Dias

Thea Ruggiano

Parent Advisors:
Susan Garafolo

Cristen Tabors

Michelle Nickerson

High School PTO:  Chair: Sarah Schott, Lisa Green

First Quarter Minutes

8/22/18 Meeting 1: Time 11:00-11:45

  • Discussed new meeting time (Wednesday 8 am)
  • Plan Senior Boot breakfast
    • Building use form in case of rain
    • Set up at 7:30
    • Tables
    • Brueggers, Dunkin Donuts, paper goods, juice, kids can bring anything else
  • Senior T-shirts
    • Pick up from Mr. Dias week before first assembly
  • Fundraiser:
  • January 31 days —-> 31 gift cards
  • Needs to be marketed better
    • Called calendars last year (not the best idea)
  • Class Venmo account (Arda)
    • Ask Pezzote
  • Snack shack and managing it during football games.
    • 30 minute shifts
    • Community service hours?


9/5 Time 8:07-8:39

  • School Scheduling/Technical Details:
  • Club meetings every other week now.
    • Setting up a structure for clubs to be able to function Thursday during W block.
  • Class meetings now before assembly (15 mins)
  • First assembly time/date? (October 1)
  • Senior T-Shirts:
    • Senior T-shirts pick up from Mr. Dias.
    • Pick up start date  (September 19th)
    • Post in Facebook.
    • Tell Students not to wear them until day of first assembly.


  • Use microphones at class meetings in order to get the messages across better.
  • Calendars:
    • Rename Calendars (Holiday Opportunity)
    • 21 Gift Cards
    • Move to December
    • Sell them with food at snack shack during football games for a bundle deal.
    • Incentivise and attempt to get the whole class involved to sell tickets
    • Need to get all the tickets sold by end of november
    • Switch gift cards and get ones that people would really enjoy
    • Talk to local businesses and see if they will donate gift cards even if we meet halfway.

DECA T-Shirt Press:

  • Mimic twilight track meet custom T-Shirt bar and create custom weston/senior apparel.
  • See if there is left over inventory if they will buy it back.
  • Money mainly going towards senior overnight.

Football Games:

    • 5 students needed to help set up and volunteer during halftime.
    • 30 minute shifts
    • Use first game as a trial run
    • Make a google sheet for shift times?
    • Get there at latest 6:30 to help set up.
    • Pay to get into the football game

For Next Meeting:

  • Decide which gift cards we want for Holiday Opportunity.  
  • Have numbers from Mr. Guerra for the prices on custom apparel.


9/12/18 Meeting Time 8:05-8:40

Snack Shack:

  • Pizza can go up to $3
  • Hot chocolate and all drinks $2
  • All burgers at $5
  • Candy packs vs. bagging.

December gift card fundraiser:

  • Change it back to 3 weeks.
    • Gift cards
      • Add Amazon (x2), Lululemon, Dunkin, Weston Road, Vineyard Vines, Brothers
      • Remove bertucci’s, CPK(x1),
      • Ask Marathon about free or discounted gift card. (Tyler)
  • Sell tickets at lunch twice a week, put flyers up around school, go to brothers, stand outside the transfer station.
  • Talk to other seniors to try and get them to sell.
      • Talk to student council.
  • Rename 21 Days of Holiday Cheer

Senior T-Shirt:

  • Have seniors start picking up on September 20th.
  • Post a FB message a couple days before and tell seniors not to wear before first assembly.

College Essay WorkShop:

  • During W Block.
  • Ask parents and faculty to volunteer to help out.
  • Ask the school if they would be open to open a little early for a select few days for the workshop
  • Either conference room, or in the cafe

For Next Meeting:

  • Talk to local businesses about 21 Days of Holiday Cheer
    • Call Vineyard Vines

Football Games:

  • Student Council needs help out
  • Post a message for kids to help out way in advance

Christmas Tree:

  • Volunteer to pick up christmas trees and dispose of them.
  • Made $1500 as a fundraiser
  • $25 a tree to pick up
  • Need to get the message out in a newsletter, etc



Football Snack Shack:

  • Need more volunteers.
  • Talk to student council and other elected class of 2019 officials.

21 Days of Holiday Cheer Fundraiser:

  • Buy 5 get one free
  • Get the class to sell to other people
    • Post in FB group
    • On Weston Website
  • Need a stand on October 6th for back to school night (Kelly)
    • Need supplies (pens) because they will be
    • Fill out the generic parts.
    • Set up at pumpkin fest and part of our earnings to pumpkin fest.
  • Car show this weekend and golden ball tavern
    • Set up a table.
  • Car wash on 9/29
    • Set up a table
  • Market Basket letter all set.
  • Figure out what other businesses we can send the letter out to.

Senior T-Shirts:

  • 30 shirts have been picked up.
  • 6 kids on the waitlist and have them, man, the snack shack to earn a shirt.

College Essay Workshop:

  • Thursday mornings at W block
  • Might not work because they might want to be private
  • Ask the guidance department and English department to help for the next few weeks.
  • Start it off and see where it goes for the future.
  • Work with Mr. Dias for next week.

Senior Portrait Deadline:

  • No deadline yet

Senior Countdown:

  • Too early because it is counting down for when the fun senior year ends.
  • The countdown will happen but we are going to wait.



Time 8:04-8:34

21 days of holiday cheer:

  • Every student is responsible for selling 5 cards.
  • The class is confused about what exactly we are doing
  • This is the last fundraiser besides Christmas tree pickups.
  • If a class-member sells in person sign the name of who sold it.
  • Large sign needed at back to school night
  • Divide up the gift cards.
  • Try to set up at pumpkin fest

College Essay Workshop:

  • Guidance is all for it
  • Need a proposal for Ms. Lemons (Dhruv)
  • Get English teachers to swap off.

Senior Assembly:

  • MCs are responsible for the celebration when walking up
  • Need to pick up t-shirts
  • On 10/12

Football Games:

  • Talk to Casey and Peter for student council to come.
  • Try and get other student volunteers.
  • Snack shack needs to be open 10/2 for soccer vs. Wayland


10/10/18 8:05-8:

Fundraiser 21 Days of Holiday Cheer:

  • Making a profit so far
  • Get addresses for the large corporations
    • Marathon Sports, Vineyard Vines -Tyler
    • CPK – Dhruv
  • Everyone is responsible for selling at least 5 tickets
  • Get Class to Participate:
    • 1 sell 5 tickets
    • 2 buy 5 tickets
    • Provide emails that we can use to sell tickets
    • Want 100% participation
  • Tuesday lunch sell tickets
  • Email Pezzote about selling at Tuesday lunches until December (Tyler)
  • 1219-12:34 Class Meeting
  • Slides for class meeting
  • Sell November 3rd
  • Need a new class sign
  • Class Meeting:

College Essay Workshop:

  • Start tomorrow
  • Need a guidance counselor and one English teacher

Meeting 7


Time: 8:04-8:43

21 Holidays of Holiday Cheer:

  • New signs are completed to use when selling during lunch
  • Walk around and sell to teachers during W block
  • Put a ticket in each faculty members mailbox
    • If interested faculty complete the slip and drop it off with money to Mr. Dias
  • If students aren’t selling then give them one free after selling their 5 tickets
    • Have the students return the tickets if they do not sell them
  • Sell during band and orchestra
    • Wednesday and Thursday next week
  • Sell at the Weston transfer station

Gift Cards:

  • Marathon Sports, Dunkin’,
  • Waiting to hear back from CPK, Whole Foods

College Essay:

  • Need to improve meeting location
  • Send it out in FB page
  • Dhruv will talk to Mrs. Lemons

Chrismas Tree

  • Donate to the Christina Dangond foundation


  • First Saturday in April car wash for Dana Farber
  • January 26 black and white dance
  • Lose the shoes (last weekend of school)
    • Boys and girls soccer teams help organize for possibly in the fall
  • Skating on Frog Pond as a team builder
  • ———————————————————————–
  • Notes Seniors and Sophomore Class Officers
    Time 10:25-11:12

    – How do we get school environment to be better?
    – We talk about this multiple times a year but how do we actually get it done?
    – Say hi to people you don’t know well
    – Lead by example and get people more involved and to branch out to not be clicks
    – Need better class meeting location sophomores struggle in the gym seniors in media center is working well
    – Class events are often too focused on fundraisers maybe do a classwide bonding and low key event
    – Make Class bulletin boards a free space for all students to put what they want up

    Senior Parent Advisors and Class Officers Meeting:
    Time: 12:00 – 1:10
    – Once a month have a joined meeting of class officers and student council to bring leadership closer together and more organized
    – Lose the shoes target 11/3 or back up 11/10 might be too difficult with applications and sports going on. (November)
    – Christmas tree pick up
    – Class charities Dana Farber and Build the Faith
    – Black and White dance at Weston Golf Club January 26th
    – Senior Skip day canobie lake park?
    – Senior scavenger hunt (spring)
    – Faculty vs. Student dodgeball (February)
    – Powder puff (November)
    –  Class Breakfast on 11/2/18
    – 21 days of holiday cheer sell at Bruegger’s 9-12.  
  • —————————————————————–10/24/1821 Days of Holiday Cheer Fundraiser:
    • Online sales $2000
    • Total Class spreadsheet off about $14000
    • Class fund roughly about $38000
    • Have made roughly $1000 in profit after expenses so far
    • Need to get a price for the AMC gift cards sold at Costco
        • 10 tickets = $89.99
        • 4 tickets = $35.99
    • Put a slip in each faculty members mailbox
    • Sold $50 at lunch yesterday
    • Selling at the concert tonight outside gym doors and then again tomorrow 10/25
    • Sell during W block
    • Note about current sales as of 10/24 from Mrs. Garofalo
      • Raised $4236.00 (includes on-line sales)
      • Expenses $333.00 (printing)
      • Donations: 3 Market Basket, 1 DD and 1 Marathon Sports
      • 16 Cards Expense $1600.00
      • Net Profit as of 10/24/18:  $2303
      • Please try to get the donated gift cards by next Wednesday.  Thanks.

    Lose the Shoes/Use the Shoes:

    • 11/3 works for the administration might want to move it back to 11/10
    • Might be complicated because soccer teams may have tournament games that day
    • Check with Mike Mcgrath first and then go from there

    Other Possible Events:

    • Faculty-student dodgeball tournament
    • Faculty-student free throw contest
      • Faculty foul up

    Snack Shack:

    • Game Friday
    • Talk to Gillian Reeder and Hannah Brown about whether they are willing to help
    • Might be another game but will not be known until this Sunday
    • Set up a separate table to sell raffle tickets and only do it for the first hour
      • The spot next to the garbage cans
    • Free hot chocolate if someone purchases a raffle chocolate

    College Essay Workshop:

    • Ms. Lemons looking for English teachers
    • Might be difficult to get English teachers because it is the end of the term


  • Time 8:05-8:40

    21 Days of Holiday Cheer:

    • Over $2000 in online sales
    • Put print out in all of the teacher’s mailbox alerting them about the fundraiser
    • Walk around with a basket during W block tomorrow plan to meet at 7:30
    • Events to sell tickets at?
      • Wait until playoff games for sports start

    Class breakfast Friday 11/2/18

      • 8:15-8:45
        • Munchkins
        • Mini Muffins
        • Hot Chocolate
        • Building Use form Mrs. G will complete right after meeting
        • Whip Cream
        • Napkins
      • Class Psych up pajama day

    Use the shoes/Dodgeball/Free Throw contest:

    • Soccer tournament game this Saturday can be conflicting

    Class Meeting:

    • 11/15
    • Give every student a 5 pack of tickets to sell
    • If they sell 5 we can give them 1 for free

    Football Game:

    • Last home game a week from Friday 11/9

    Bays Town Soccer Games:

    • Sell tickets and hot chocolates at the soccer games
    • Go to the young kids games the younger parents might be pretty eager to help support the town

Second Quarter Minutes

11/7/18 Fundraiser:

  • Teachers feel pressured and did not have cash when approaching them individually
  • Do another push with the teachers and set up a couple more times during lunch
  • Dhruv will approach Mr. Pezzote for the table during lunch for the next two Tuesdays
  • Need to track down JD for the tickets they purchased
  • 11/16/18 k-5 math and science night 6-8
  • Sell at Brothers or at town soccer this weekend (10:30 first game)

Class Meeting

  • Push kids to sell raffle tickets who have not done so already
  • At class meeting have a table set up with the raffle tickets


  • Kelly check with Christina about whether there are still Class of 2019 thank you notes

Snack Shack:

  • Last football game
  • Set up snack shack

Lose the Shoes:

  • Dodgeball in the fall 11/16 3:30-4:30
    • $5 per person
  • Tyler will talk to McGrath about scheduling.

Black and White Dance

  • January 26th
11/14/18 Dodgeball Tournament:

  • Student Council and Student Government want to work together on the dodgeball tournament
    • We will move forward with the dodgeball tournament and inform student council that we want to work together on this and the same amount of support will take place with the Dodgeball tournament in March.
  • Put posters up today 11/14/18
  • Set up a table at lunch tomorrow for kids to sign up
  • People can pay ahead of time or day of
  • Balls are all in the gym and Coach Brisset is on board
  • Starts at 3:30 and ends at 4:30

21 Days of Holiday Cheer

  • If we give tickets to kids to sell they need to have accountability and bring back the slips that they sold
  • Set up a table at lunch and check people off that sold their tickets and handed them in

Fall Play:

  • Sell tickets at the fall play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Need to ask the faculty member in charge of the Play.
    • Jeff Thursday
    • Tyler and Arda Friday
    • Kelly Saturday

Brothers Saturday:

  • Go Saturday morning to Brothers
  • 9:00 am

Class Meeting:

  • Class Meeting possibly 11/21/18
  • Talk to Mr. Pezzote on the status of when a class meeting will take place

Snack Shack:

  • $2900 profit
  • Leftover food and can start selling at the home basketball games
  • Water, candy
  • 12/13, 1/18, 2/8 are dates of home games

Black and White Dance:

  • January 26th
  • Need to order invitations
  • Not a fundraiser and as a result need to keep costs at a minimum
  • Already have a DJ
  • Send an email blast for invitations
  • Make it a little different to make it unique
  • Go over to Weston Golf club on a Saturday to see the facility
  • Start organizing the look of online invitations

Christmas Tree Pickup

  • Will take place January 12th
11/28/18 Time: 8:06-8:40

21 Days of Holiday Cheer:

  • Total profit: A little over $4700
    • $3200 online
  • Dhruv will go and talk to California Pizza Kitchen manager 11/28
  • Still waiting on Sweet Green
  • Librarians want to purchase tickets
  • Potentially sell outside Brueggers or at the Transfer Station on Saturday

Xmas Tree Removal:

  • Need people who have a pickup truck
  • Send a facebook post and want a sign up for those available that day
  • Work with Dana Farber
  • Post it on a variety of places for people to be aware of the tree pickup
  • Trees need to be placed next to the mailbox
  • $25 a tree
  • 100% going to charity (Build the Faith)
  • Start 8 am
  • January 12th

Black and White:

  • Class parents are going to check out the menu tomorrow 11/29/18
  • We will be touring Weston Golf Club December 8th
  • Date of Black and White January 26th time 7-10 pm

Class Bonding:

  • Ice Skating/sledding
12/5/18 Time 8:07-8:40



  • Several winners already
  • Lulu Lemon and many other large organizations either do not donate gift cards or have quotas.


Christmas Tree Removal:

  • Potential dates January 5th or January 12th
    • Aim towards January 5th
  • Still searching for people to use their trucks
  • Inform people that all proceeds go to Dana Farber and Build the Faith
  • Dana Farber school officers are willing to help out
  • Last year there were over 80 trees there will probably be more this year
  • Ask Andrew Black about using his truck


Black and White:

  • Touring the room this Saturday at 11:30
  • Menu:
    • Caesar Salad
    • Grilled chicken
    • Cheeseburgers/Burgers
    • Chicken Fingers
    • Soda
  • Mrs. Tabors is working on the web check for the invite list
  • Opportunity baskets for the black and white
    • Can use the Vineyard Vine tie that was donated
    • Starbucks basket
    • Other prizes
    • Ask Brueggers about a gift card
  • Make a couple of posters for the Black and White dance

Thank you notes:

  • Athleta: Manager and Mrs. Cutter
  • Market Basket: Mrs Duas
  • Marathon Sports: Adam Vess
  • Linden Store
  • Vineyard Vines: Customer Relations
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Weston Road
  • For kids that want to write thank you notes to teachers do a writing morning and class officers will drop them off in teachers mailboxes
    • Will take place in January
    • Hot chocolate and Munchkins
12/12/18 Christmas Tree Removal:

  • Posted in Facebook twice
    • People with Truck:
      • Dante Whole day
      • Grace B Part-time
      • Katherine B Whole day
      • Jamie T Part-time
      • Jeff B Whole Day
  • Date will be January 5th and possibly January 12th as well
  • Ask Casey Shay because his family has a truck


Black and White:

  • Coils will be able to hang snowflakes
  • Remove ice cream Sundays from the menu
  • Put posters up next week
  • Have tickets available for sale online next week and take it down on the week of January 21
  • Week of January 19 do a big push to get ticket sales and announce it this Friday
  • The tickets will be $75

Class Meeting Friday

  • Talk about Christmas tree pickup
  • Ticket sales for Black and White


  • Sell candy and water at the Basketball game tomorrow
12/19 Christmas Tree Removal:

  • Date January 12th
  • Katherine Brown and Grace B
  • Lizzy Lake family owns trucks and she will speak to Andrew Black about his truck
  • Jamie Trodden (TBD)
  • Casey Shay —> Dhruv will ask
  • Dante will donate a truck
  • All proceeds go to charity
  • Community service hours available for anyone who helps out
  • Linked already in westword
  • Go to brothers for people to pay and signup ahead of time
  • Dhurv will speak to town crier about advertising
  • Post it to and put it on the senior happenings page

Black and White:

  • Webtrack not up yet
  • Posters need to be put up
  • Evite almost completed

Town Skiing:

  • Most likely up
  • Rec center runs it
  • Do a class hangout for skiing one night
  • It would be a spontaneous night
1/9/19 Christmas Tree Removal:

  • 5 Trucks (Dante second shift), Katherine B, Jamie T, Grace B, Jeff B, C Tabors
  • 23 Volunteers
  • 7 People for second shift
  • Find out who Katherine Brown’s family is willing to let drive her truck
  • Meet at Meriam street dumping site. Post address in the Facebook group. Set up a base camp there and slips with addresses will be given out.
  • Start at 9:00-11:30, and 11:30-2:00
  • Grab all volunteers cell phone numbers
  • Gas cards for all the truck drivers
  • Pair cars with the trucks to follow the truck
  • Need a group to help unload
  • Gloves that people do not care about.


Black and White:

  • Chaperones:
    • Teacher class advisors.
    • Need an additional 4
    • Ask teachers
  • Poster already drawn up and needs to be printed
  • Opportunity basket too late to try and organize it. Donate it to putting for patients opportunity drawing or something else.

Candy Grams:

  • Start selling candy grams for the 14th.
2/6/19 Valentine’s Day Cards:

  • We have the poster boards
    • Cut it into squares to put a lollipop in.
  • Start selling them tomorrow and Friday
  • Money goes towards Dana Farber and Build the Faith
  • Charge $2 per card
  • Organize them for advisories during a W block

Friday Basketball Game Concessions:

  • Sell during the Friday Basketball game
  • Sell pizza, Oreos and Swedish Fish/Sour Patch Kids
  • 7 Pizzas
  • Start selling concessions at 6:30

Checking in with B&W Thank You Cards:

  • Cards are finished and are being delivered

Senior Prank:

  • Start thinking about what to do

Senior Skip Day:

  • Boston Scavenger hunt
  • Or Canobie Lake Park
  • David Busters
  • Post a survey for people to vote on in the class facebook group

Future Plans:

  • Car wash with putting for patients on March 30th

Third Quarter Minutes

1/16/19 Black and White:

  • Chaperones Class teacher advisors, Pezzote, and Mrs. Neal already on board.
  • Ask Mr. Smith (Dhruv will ask), Mr. Luu (Tyler will ask), and Doctor Dunn (Kelly will ask)
  • Waiting on Ms. Baker and Mr. Moon
  • 5 posters hanged up already
  • Post a message in class facebook group informing everyone that the price goes up Friday
  • Access to building at 4 pm today

Senior Countdown:

  • Start the official countdown

Senior Skip Day:

  • Takes place in May (Canobie lake park potential)
  • Scavenger hunt in Boston
  • First week in May

Concessions at Basketball Game 1/17/19

  • A lot of concessions left over
  • Get a list of volunteers who want to help out
  • Sell pizza
  • Game starts at 5:30
  • Put a post in facebook group for people to help out (Jeff)

Class Ice Skating:

  • The ice rink is now frozen
  • On a Friday night do a sledding and skating night

Fall ups in February:

  • Faculty and students

Car Wash and Putting for Patients:

  • Car wash is Saturday, March 30th

Lose the Shoes:

  • First weekend in June
  • Bring the Middle school kids too
2/15/19 Event without NHS Hours:

Lose the Shoes

  • All proceeds go to Dana Farber and Build the Faith
  • Class of 2019 found that if it is a fun event people are willing to come, but if it is a fundraiser such as selling at the snack shack students primarily want NHS.
  • Lose the Shoes does not give hours and people had a lot of fun last year
    • May 11th day after seniors get out because all the Seniors will be unified at this moment.
    • Difficulties last time:
      • Getting people to commit far in advance
    • A charity event people come for a specific amount of time
    • The last class event and invite the whole school + middle school
  • Split the field up and have both middle school and high school games at the same time.
  • Have people who won elections for next years student government to help out to teach them how to run a whole school event
  • Open up web track to pay for each kid and for donations to Lose the Shoes
  • Need posters all over the high school and middle school
    • Start making these posters on April 11th
  • NHS hours were not given last year

Prom Planning:

  • Estimating 150 seniors will go
  • An entire grade-wide pre-prom at Weston Golf Club

Spring Fling:

  • Dunk Tank
    • People often want to go in the dunk tank
    • Date
    • Need to find a rental and pick it up
    • Mrs. Nickerson has a truck that can be used to pick it up

Spontaneous Snow Event:

  • If it snows organize an event


 Faculty Thank You Notes:

  • Class breakfast and allow kids to fill them out there
  • Schedule it for April 4th

Senior Skip Day:

  • Date on either April 26th or May 2nd.
  • Either Six Flags or Scavenger Hunt in Boston.
  • A new poll will be posted in Facebook group

Senior Countdown:

  • Start planning for an ice cream social or class breakfast morning of the last day
  • Plan on doing both a class breakfast and the ice cream social

Faculty Thank You Notes:

  • Make a spreadsheet and write down which students will do each teacher

Spring Fling:

  • Need to pick up the dunk tank from Taylor Rental.
  • 9:30 drop off and 3:00 pick up
  • Initial date 4/27
  • For reimbursement contact Ms. Gearan and it will take 2 weeks for the funds to be replaced.

Putting for Patients:

  • Initial date March 30th
  • If too cold will pick a new date
  • Donate the Vineyard Vine Tie for an opportunity basket

Senior Mural:

  • Need to purchase a frame

Time 8:05 – 8:40


Senior Skip Day:

  • Looked at all the different sports schedules
  • Preliminary date April 26th
  • Will be looking into the busing price options
  • Class will be going to Six Flags
  • No class breakfast
  • Leave the school at 8:30
  • Park opens at 10:30
  • There will be three buses to take kids and one will come back at 1:30 for anyone that needs to go back to school for sports
  • Each bus can fit 50 kids
  • Still calculating price
  • Deposit non-refundable
  • Make a couple of big posters to put up around the school
  • Ask Casey and Peter to talk about the trip on school announcements
  • Ask Mr. Parker about the number of chaperones needed


Class Breakfast with Thank You Notes:

  • Date March 21st
  • Dhruv will pick up doughnuts
  • Breakfast starts at 7:30
  • 2 Gallons of Orange Juice (Tyler)
  • Jeff (Whip Cream)
  • Coffee and Hot Chocolate all set
  • Bruegger’s
  • Need extra pens
  • Mr. Dias has a lot of thank you cards

Time: 8:00-


Senior Skip Day:

  • Scheduling conflicts for six flags with the Senior Assembly on May 26th
  • Moving it later will cause it to be the Friday before AP Exams
  • If we can’t do the 26th reschedule for May 3rd
  • Web track is all set just need to confirm the date


Class Breakfast:

  • Start at 7:30
  • Get as many thank you cards for faculty as possible
  • Try and get as many kids as possible
  • Every kid needs to write a letter


Lose the Shoes:

  • May 11th preliminary date



  • Weston Golf Club will be a meeting place for Pre Prom
  • Aiming for 5:30-6:30

4th quarter minutes


Time: 8:00-8:40

  • Dedicated writing thank you notes to teachers until 8:33

Skip Day:

  • Class Parents will be speaking to Mr. Parker shortly.

Car Wash:

  • 12:00-3:00 Saturday 3/30
  • Sign up list is in class Facebook group for people to help out
  • Class officers will reach out to people to help out with the car wash.

Date 4/3/19
Time: 8:00-8:40

Spent the first 30 minutes finishing the teacher thank you notes
The Car Wash raised over $700
Look into Go Fund Me and Crowd Rise to make additional money for our class charities
Senior Skip Day will be taking place on April 26th
Lose the Shoes still targeting May 11th

Date 4/10/19 Time 8:10-8:40

Lose the Shoes:

  • Building use form completed

Senior Skip Day:

  • Tickets finalized on Sunday
  • At the moment 36 have signed up

Teacher Thank You Notes:

  • Went very well
  • Teachers were thankful

Spring Fling:

  • Need to do advertising for the dunk tank and other volunteers
  • Dunk tank usually has a ton of volunteers


  • Tickets starting cost $130
  • Seniors will meet at the Weston Golf Club and kids will arrange their own participation


  • Boot breakfast in the parking lot
  • Will have an ice cream truck