Upcoming Events for Class of 2020

posted 5/26/2020

Class of 2020 Graduation and Parade Plan

Hello Class of 2020 parents,

We are excited to share the details of the graduation in the attached document. Please read through it carefully. We apologize for the delay.  This has been a complex task involving multiple school, town, and state officials. We are looking forward to a great celebration and have some fun surprises coming during graduation week.

Some people have asked about Class Day. Details regarding the date and time for Class Day will be coming from the High School. It will be a virtual event.

Looking forward to celebrating our seniors!

Charlie, Aba, Nancy

Download (PDF, 148KB)

posted 5/21/2020

Help Weston Media Celebrate our Seniors

Weston High School Parents and Guardians,

Weston Media would like your help to celebrate the graduates of the Weston High School Class of 2020.

You can help by contributing to this online video of congratulations.  Please share a brief video (no longer than 15 seconds) or a picture celebrating the graduates. You can also highlight memories or favorite quotes that your students will recognize.

Please send a short (15 sec or less) video recorded in landscape (Horizontal) or a photo to:

info@westonmedia.org and put Grad 2020 video project in the subject line.

If you’d like to participate, please submit your video or photo no later than noon EST on Friday May 29th.  

Please forward to grandparents, family, friends, anyone who you think would like to congratulate the Class of 2020!

Thank you!
Charlie, Aba and Nancy

Class of 2020 Parent Advisors

posted 5/15/20

Graduation Plan and the potential opportunity for a more traditional event later

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Parent and Faculty Advisors have been working diligently with students, administrators and community leaders for the past several weeks to create a unique and meaningful graduation ceremony on June 5th. The Graduation will include a parade through Weston with community members, family, friends and faculty watching and cheering graduates on (respecting social distance protocols) as they make their way towards the High School.  Plans are underway to make this unprecedented event something every student and their families will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives as they receive their diplomas, graduate, and move on towards their next big adventure.  Rest assured, every effort is being made to keep as many traditions as possible during the modified June 5th event.

While the format is not ideal and we all wish we could have a traditional Weston Town Green Graduation, school administrators have been in close contact with town leaders, the board of health, state government officials and other school systems to ensure that our graduation ceremony is equally inclusive and intimate as other communities, while at the same time complying with all guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As various committees continue planning this special event, we’d like to pass on one significant detail at this time to help you plan for June 5th.  Because of traffic issues during the parade and limited parking spaces at the outdoor high school ceremony, only one car will be allowed per graduate.

Last but not least, if pandemic guidelines and restrictions are relaxed over the summer, we are leaving the opportunity open to hosting a more traditional event before they head off to College.  Naturally, we will wait to hear more from government leaders and health experts before planning such an event.

Details including what the students have chosen to wear, photo opportunities and graduation announcements etc. will be forthcoming.

We appreciate your patience with this process and know that all families will join us in supporting and celebrating the students on this special day.

Warm Regards,

Charlie Abrams, Parent Advisor

Aba Binney, Parent Advisor

Nancy Trodden, Parent Advisor

Monny Cochran, Faculty Advisor

Katie Tucker, Faculty Advisor

posted 4/22/20

Dear Seniors,

Though I was not surprised when I heard Governor Baker’s announcement today, that schools will be closed for the rest of the year, I was amazed by the profound sadness that I felt.  It was a jolt.

Selfishly, some of my sadness was due to my own disappointment with not being able to be with all of you at the high school.  It brings me great joy to interact with the students at Weston High School on a daily basis, these connections are a big part of why I do this job.  In part, I was thinking of our faculty and staff too, having to change how they conduct their craft midstream and teach remotely what they do so well in their classrooms.  I know this pandemic is difficult for parents/guardians and many others in our community as well.

However, the majority of my sadness was an overwhelming sense of heartbreak for all of you.  I am sure this does not feel fair that this is happening during your senior year, and frankly it is not.  Sometimes life just isn’t.  You should grieve and feel angry, you deserve to have these feelings.  But, I know too, that you are resilient, strong, and creative and you will get through this.

I want you to know that your Weston Community will be there for you.  I plan to have a Zoom meeting with senior officers later this week to hear your ideas for graduation and other senior events.  Moving forward we will create a team to work on an alternative for graduation and on other ways to honor all of you.  I will be asking some students, parents, and faculty to join me on this committee.

We will find ways to celebrate you!

High School history teacher, Ms. Wanosky, shared this article with some of her seniors and me a few weeks ago.  It expresses, much better than I am here, how I feel and I can safely say how all of your teachers and staff are feeling for you today.

We(ston) Got This!


Ms. Flynn
Assistant Principal

Ode to the Weston High School Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020 Community,

We hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. We are thinking of all of you and can’t wait until we can be together and celebrate all of the incredible accomplishments of your class and the impact you have made on our community.  As we all work through what should have been our Spring Break, we thought we would provide a little pick me up in the form of a poem. Clearly we will not be winning any literature awards, but hopefully we can provide a quick smile! We have posted this to the kid’s Facebook Page, but please share with them in case we caught them offline (not likely!)


We will be in touch as we gain more clarity on the remainder of the year and hope to have a few surprises to keep you smiling!

Warm regards,

The  Class of 2020 FAs and Pas

Mr. Abrams, Dr. Binney, Mr. Cochran, Mrs. Trodden & Mrs. Tucker


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President: Christina Binney
Vice President: Benjamin Guzovsky
Secretary: Katheryn Milligan
David Huang
Student Advisory Council Rep: Nikki Liu
School Committee Representative:
Faculty Advisors: Katie Tucker, Monny Cochran
High School PTO: Lisa Green, Gail Palmer