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Buy Your Weston High School Yearbook Today!

The Weston High School yearbook includes photos from sports, clubs and activities in the 2019-2020 academic year. You may purchase a yearbook by going to the Lifetouch page here:


Yearbooks are available for sale until March 15th. Questions? Email Cynthia Brisky at briskyc@weston.org.

Dear Seniors and Senior Parents:

It’s an exciting year. I am writing to give you some details about the yearbook.


Each senior needs to provide me with a formal senior portrait. The yearbook company will take formal senior portraits at school outside by the pond on September 5 and 6th, October 8th and October 28th. The cost of taking the photo is $25 which needs to be paid to the photographer when the student takes the photo. You can order prints of the photos at an additional cost after you have seen them. Students can submit senior portraits taken by other photographers as well. The deadline for these photos is just after winter break, Friday, January, 3.


Each senior also needs to provide a baby photo, ideally an actual photograph that was printed on photo paper. Taking a digital picture of these printed photos with a phone camera can produce a very high quality digital photo. Photos taken digitally can be submitted, but they need to be of high quality. These baby photos are also due Friday January 3. Please email to westonyearbook@weston.org


Yearbooks can be purchased through Lifetouch, the yearbook publishers. You will get an email link directly from the publishers to purchase a yearbook, go to ybpay.com 

code is 11608020


Senior ads can be purchased beginning in September. These ads are optional. Final deadline for ad submission will be January 31. Please visit westonybk.com.


If you have a few favorite photos of groups of students from the class of 2020 when they were younger, please submit them to our throwback section. Throwback photos will be due January 3rd.


I need a few seniors to help with the yearbook. It is quite fun, not a ton of work, and a great way to be involved during this exciting last year of high school. The majority of the work takes place in January and February, so after college application deadlines are over. Please encourage your seniors to sign up for yearbook. If they have questions or would like to help, please have them email me.

Thanks so much,

Cynthia Brisky, Yearbook Advisor


President: Christina Binney
Vice President: Benjamin Guzovsky
Secretary: Katheryn Milligan
David Huang
Student Advisory Council Rep: Nikki Liu
School Committee Representative:
Faculty Advisors: Katie Tucker, Monny Cochran
High School PTO: Lisa Green, Gail Palmer